My Focus…Week 1

I now participate in a weekly blog challenge called “Nurture Thursday”. Last week the topic was called “Your Focus”

I decided to make a pledge of sorts and since then, every day I will be doing something that is going to take me somewhere and will record each day what I did that day.

Day 1: Started my exercise and diet to lower my cholesterol and I already feel fantastic! I have heard before that exercise can release endorphins…and I guess it’s true! It’ll be interesting to see tomorrow if I am hurting all over!

Day 2: I worked all day, and after that I got to go and see “Aladdin the Musical” So I didn’t have much time to do something…However, I say that. Yet, I haven’t been to the theatre in a few years and I was slightly anxious. I’m alright with movie cinemas, but they’re more roomy and they actually cold instead of warm. So I was anxious and you can leave a cinema anytime, theatre you can’t really manage to do that.

Day 3: We are voting today, I am really optimistic. A lot of Labor’s “stuff” just make sense. What’s more to do than vote for your Country? I also did my second lot of exercise. I have to do it every 3-4 days.

Day 4:...Well…Shit…There I said it. What upsets me the most is that it’s become more apparent that people voted for Liberals (Republicans for Americans) For either 1) They liked Shorten less? 2) They wanted to ‘own’ progressives. Either way, it’s completely immature. Need a packet of chips…But no! So I decided to sign off of social media for a few days. I went ahead in the afternoon and continued with my online studies. It’s for Health Administration. I think I’d make a good receptionist for a medical/dentist office.

Day 5: So I went and did another round of exercise (I’m supposed to do it 3-4 times a week). I’ve decided to increase the “reps” that I did every second time I do exercise. So I increased the amount this time. I did freak a little this morning, the cat was twitching a lot. I did not watch the last episode of GOT…today.

Day 6: I was called into work today, rather late. So I’m finding it hard to do anything today.

Day 7: After a hard night sleep, I got called into work all day. So while it’s annoying and it’s stopping me from doing stuff. There are still things I have looked into today. Self businesses, redbubble. Things I’ve been talking about forever. But finding out more about what is entailed. Like do I have to draw things, copyright. I actually have been at my mum’s the past two days, specifically because I thought I wasn’t working. So I could spend time with the family dog…and my mum…of course. But I’ve been working, so more money…Yay…But I’ve been trying not cry when I leave the house over guilt.


At the End of the Day – Nurt Thursday

Nurt Thurs – At the End of the Day

I was thinking about this a lot today and I’m honestly not really 100% sure what makes a successful day for myself at the moment.

At the moment writing a Blog post definitely makes me feel motivated and keeps me writing! If I don’t write at least part of a Blog in a day, I usually can’t write anything! That’s the honest truth!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that I end the day happy. It doesn’t matter what I’m happy about if I can sleep happy in the knowledge of how lucky I am. I sleep well.

(Probably my favourite Musical of all time!)

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Published on 25 Dec 2012

April Goals

My birthday is in April, so I’m hoping to do a lot of fun goals…But I have to do some serious work too!

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(Seriously you would not it’s Autumn here at the moment…It’s 96.8 F today! = 36 C)

  • Find some low cholesterol recipes…I went to the doctors and my cholesterol is a bit high, so over the next month they want me to lower it. It has been amazing after that and looking at the actual packaging on food, how much sodium there is in everything! I need to sit down and look up/write some recipes.
  • I’ve decided that I’m going to have a “slumber pj movie night” for my birthday, it’s going to be held in the first weekend of May.
  • For my birthday I am going to look into having a “make your own smoothie” bar, since I can’t really drink. See how I can have movies and games at the same time.
  • Maybe…Maybe looking at hiring outdoor furniture for my partners house for my birthday…Maybe…
  • Look for a frame that will fit 4 A4 size pictures in…Maybe ask for one for my birthday,lol
  • Try Winter jeans/pants on, make sure that they still fit.
  • Too finish “Lord of Shadows” and write up a review

“Get Over It”

I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase more than ever since Trump took office. I now that I say that I will try and not talk politics on here, but it’s that phrase that just annoys me SO much. I think it’s mainly because of all the people that gave Obama a hard time and wouldn’t “get over it”…The front runner on that one…Was Trump himself…I don’t get how they don’t see the irony. Trumps victory wasn’t even an landslide.

Also though I don’t think people should just “get over it”. We should never get over whoever is in charge of our countries, of the nations money, of the armies that protect our countries. We should always be questioning. We shouldn’t become complacent. I think I may have even have mentioned this before as a random thought. I think that’s has lead to a lot of things happening right now, we just assuming that it’s all going to get better and we’ll get through it.

It didn’t take one march for the Civil Right Act, it didn’t take one movie or one show, or one march to get marriage equality…Keep Going!

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Published on 19 Jun 2016

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11. Someone who inspires me

 I have decided to steer away from family and friends for this challenge this week and think of someone else who inspires me and makes me happy and safe, who isn’t apart of my “inner circle”. I feel like sometimes we don’t even think of the “random” people that are apart of our daily lives, that touch our lives every dayish.

So I wanted to give a major shout out to my hypnotherapist. I really love going to visit him and having our sessions and I always feel more accomplished and really do feel better after I’ve seen him. All the tasks he gives me to do, always make me feel better too.

What I really like…I guess love…About our sessions, I really feel listened too and that helps me feel better so much. Also though we actually have a lot in common, we both meditate, we both do Reiki. Unlike me though, he really does incorporate it into his every day life. Rather than when he needs it to help me. That’s what I want to achieve, I want to incorporate my beliefs into my every day life, not just when I “need” it…If that makes sense.

I know that this is his job and that’s what his…I’m…paying for him to do. I genuinely feel though he is doing this work because he wants to make myself and others feel better and get through their issues. Too help make our lives a little better and and easier to get through the day just that bit better. Just that though, he is there to help me and helps to make me feel better…It honestly feels like someone is finally on my side.