Mama’s Day

Criminal – Britney Spears – YouTube 2011

The above video is to stop people who may not like Mothers Day and just say to them, please stop reading now. I know some who do not enjoy this day and their reasons are their own and are completely justified. Just like some do not celebrate Father’s Day, we need to respect those who do not want to celebrate the day.

What I write now, I just warn you I’ll write for Father’s Day. I think the “rules” still apply, it just a change of the words.

Spice Girls – Mama – Can’t find official video?

Here are some “rules” for Mothers Day:

  • If you see one, maybe two, cakes with “Happy Special Person’s Day” on it, surrounded by other cakes. Please do not post the photo of the one cake and try to make it a “thing”…It’s not a thing. It’s just one cake.
  • If you don’t get on with your Mother, if you are distant. You are not under any “Law” saying that you have to do something or anything for your Mum.
  • If you have women who have stepped into the “Mother” role, you do have to do something nice for them.
  • Although generally there is Mothers Day stuff everywhere…You may still have to remind your brothers (like I did this year. I got all blamed last year because I didn’t remind him last year). This one still applies to Fathers Day too!
  • While I get it may hurt some, days like these…It’s not okay though to tell others or to make others feel bad for celebrating it. I am sorry.

Happy Mummy’s Day

So yes this a standard post that a lot of people will posting about today.

I just wanted to say that I hope all the Mothers have a great time today. By all the Mothers I mean ALL the Mothers. The Mothers, The Grand Mothers, the Aunts, the Step Mama’s, the adoptive Mama, the furbaby Mama’s, the Fosters Mums and of course all of the Mums who lost their bubbas ❤

The thing that I LOVE about the women in my family is the strength that the women in my family have. My Mum and my grandmother are probably the two people I respect and admire the most in the world. They were both the first women I knew that had left their husbands, while still loving them, but knowing it wasn’t working anymore. My Gran is so strong in her beliefs of new age which has come from her family and when we looked back at our family history, it is amazing to see the strong women I’ve had in my family. My Great Grand-Mother lost part of her leg due to polio, but it never stopped her. I actually used her walking stick a year or so ago when I developed sciatica and could barely walk.

Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day in the UK over the weekend and while it is no longer Mother’s Day (and I am having trouble figuring out how to use my calendar) This video I love watching it on any day that a country that is celebrating Mother’s Day…And those days they don’t! Good way to get over the hump on hump day as well…

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