Earlier in the week

I wrote a post about people, even those who claim “I KNOW”, don’t know how the Monarchy work.

This is kind of a post on from that one. There was one thing that was brought too my attention, and it reminded me, how not just hypocrite people are, but how completely deluded some people just are.

Kate, Catherine is now called Princess of Wales, right? The last person who was called that, was Princess Diana. Camilla, by marrying now King Charles the III, SHOULD have been called Camilla, Princess of Wales, when they married. Since the public, who now claim to just “love” the Royal Family, hated Camilla and Charles so much, they decided against it. But you know the public just LOVE the Royal Family. Diana said such nice things about the Royal Family,

Give me a break.

The millennials are alright ❤ DON’T read the comments!

Meghan Markle embraces fan who wanted her ‘to feel welcome here’


Thursday Theories – Not Okay

Okay, so I can get people not liking the Monarchy. This is not that, and if you HATE colonialism, THAT much. Why would you CHOOSE to work and live in the US?

Professor cries ‘racism’ after backlash for wishing Queen ‘excruciating’ death

Me dear, you wished a painful and excruciating death on someone you don’t know. You CHOOSE to live in America. I know the UK has it’s racism issues, but have you SEEN the US lately?

This has nothing to do with her colour skin. I don’t care what she calls herself, that is not “Left” that is extremism. Wishing a painful death is not acceptable. It’s what makes us different from the Right. It just quiet frankly, makes you a bit of an arsehole really, lol

She seems a bit lost and a little misled really. Not in terms of colonialism, but how she’s directing her anger.

Colonialism is (for those who don’t know):

Colonialism is a practice or policy of control by one people or power over other people or areas, often by establishing colonies and generally with the aim of economic dominance. In the process of colonisation, colonisers may impose their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices.

Generally, and very sadly, a lot of “first world countries” are based on colonialism. The US, Australia, we are all based on it. We’re in 2022 now, and we know better. So let’s be better, okay?

Not understanding…

One of the things that I found interesting when QE2 passed. Is how little people understand how the Monarchy even works, and I’m not even British.

You know how everyone keeps having a go at Meghan and Harry for talking badly about the Royal Family? When they, in fact, never have. They’ve talked about how the FIRM have treated them. Just like the Queens twitter account did not wish Meghan a happy birthday and the others did. No, the Queen, couldn’t just say what she wanted too.

So, no, the Queen could not just condemn things, in her name.

The amount of documentaries I’ve watched about Henry the 8th, Elizabeth the 1st, Mary Queen of Scots. Their lives are NOT their own. They DON’T speak for themselves. They are surrounded by those who speak for them. Which is why YOU have to be so careful about what you read/listen about them.

It’s why I only listen to when they do actually use their own words. I watch their body language, I listen to them speaking.

Queenie, it’s your Birthday

I think this is probably the day where most people Down Under might call themselves a Monarchist, even for one day.

Queen Elizabeth II actual birthday in on April the 21st, but here in Australia we “celebrate” it almost two months later. The reason for this? The weather. British weather is well known for being unpredictable and wet…Extremely wet…So making the celebrations for a much more ‘warmer’ time of year means that they can celebrate with the public, they can hold festivals in a lot more pleasanter weather.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Did you know? Paddington Bear also has two birthdays!