I was one of lucky ones

*Long post and rant incoming*

My Gran was a Librarian, and she was the best one…Apparently. Because, unfortunately there have been a lot of Librarians who I have felt REALLY let down their communities, over the last couple of years.

I studied to become a Librarian, and found a job for a little while. Then when I became sick, they were the first ones to dismiss me. I was shocked. That was my first bad experience with Librarians.

The next has honestly been over the last couple of years. I was then really horrified by a Librarian friend of mine who decided to jump on the “I hate Meghan Markle” bandwagon and decided MM was lying about her mental health. Her “proof” was saying that she’s British (she’s lived in Australia since the 70’s, and cannot vote in the current UK election). Her other “proof” was showing me a website of the Royal Family’s Hospital, or something? I worked with her in education, and I showed her the website of where we worked. “Nice looking website, but we know that it’s not working”.

Then I am going to be honest, I get REALLY shitty with people and especially Librarians and “readers” who “claim” that it’s the “woke mob” banning books.

I’m sorry, what?

The Right-Wing Plot To Destroy Public Libraries

Conservative Christian groups are targeting Louisiana libraries

The right in the US has a new bogeyman: libraries

Republican war on books: They don’t just want to control your body — next up, your mind

Sometimes I get told that we told that we “cancelled” Dr. Seuss Again, sorry, what? Dr Seuss is not cancelled, by any of stretch of the imagination. What ACTUALLY happened was, a Dr Seuss book that wasn’t only just racist, but no one was buying anymore, they took it out of publication.

Detractors accused liberals of “canceling” the beloved children’s author who sold more than 650 million books worldwide. But it was the company founded by Dr. Seuss’s family that decided to stop printing the six books because they “portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.”18 Mar 2021 Dora Mekouar

Every single people I talked to about it, couldn’t even NAME the books that were taken out of publication.

I recently congratulated my public Library for having, front and center Juno Dawsons book “What the T”. I thanked the Library for doing that, and we all admitted to getting teary. The sad thing was, I couldn’t post that on social media, except for here. Even then I didn’t put the state I’m in, I didn’t name the Library. I didn’t even take a photo of the book, I couldn’t share it. I KNEW what would happen. What would happen? Look above.

The “woke mob” DON’T BAN THINGS, unless it’s actually harmful. Why, you may ask.

What’s It Like to Be the Target of A Book Banning Effort? School Librarian Martha Hickson Tells Her Story.

I read a story recently of a Texas Librarian who got rid of a lot of books, and I admit I was angry with her. As I read on though, suddenly it became clearer. She was doing it too LITERALLY SAVE HER OWN LIFE. How can anyone who read that, as a Librarian go “oh, it’s totally the left/woke mob” banning books. When their own fellow Librarians are having their lives threatened by the Right?

One of the reasons my Gran was beloved by a lot in her community, was she was the best Librarian, she knew EVERYTHING. She went to America to help with AIDS victims. This the Gran who now, has Dementia. So when I see Librarians who SHOULD know fucking better, I get angry for my Gran and for the people in their community. I get angry at the spread of misinformation, by Librarians, who out of all people should KNOW how to research.

For all those who are interested, here is where you can purchase some totally “cancelled” Dr Seuss stuff.

The Dr. Seuss Shop


Not understanding…

One of the things that I found interesting when QE2 passed. Is how little people understand how the Monarchy even works, and I’m not even British.

You know how everyone keeps having a go at Meghan and Harry for talking badly about the Royal Family? When they, in fact, never have. They’ve talked about how the FIRM have treated them. Just like the Queens twitter account did not wish Meghan a happy birthday and the others did. No, the Queen, couldn’t just say what she wanted too.

So, no, the Queen could not just condemn things, in her name.

The amount of documentaries I’ve watched about Henry the 8th, Elizabeth the 1st, Mary Queen of Scots. Their lives are NOT their own. They DON’T speak for themselves. They are surrounded by those who speak for them. Which is why YOU have to be so careful about what you read/listen about them.

It’s why I only listen to when they do actually use their own words. I watch their body language, I listen to them speaking.