Safe Keeping

With the “rise” of transphobia in a lot of places. So has the rise of parents not understanding why children have safety nets and places in the first place.

Mainly because of parents like them.


Who abuses children?

AIFS – Australian Institute of Family Studies


It is clear that with the exception of child sexual abuse, most abuse and neglect is perpetrated by parents and/or caregivers. This is relatively predictable given that children spend most of their time with parents and are reliant on them for care, nurture, and protection. However, research on perpetrators of child abuse and neglect is limited in Australia. To develop a better understanding of those who abuse children a large-scale prevalence study would be required.

It is interesting to note that in the case of sexual abuse, this is what was found.

Findings from the ABS Personal Safety Survey (2005) indicated that for participants who had experienced sexual abuse before the age of 15, only 13.5% identified that the abuse came from their father/stepfather, 30.2% was perpetrated by other male relative, 16.9% by family friend, 15.6% by acquaintance/neighbour, and 15.3% by other known person (ABS, 2005).

So a large percentage is still by someone they know. The other male relative mat not be a “care giver”, but it’s still someone they know.

Oh, before anyone says it. I am well aware that it’s mostly males who are the perpetrators. They do mention females in there as well.

Here’s the things, the reason why I’m writing this really.

If your child does not trust you enough, how is that anyone else’s fault, but your own? Parents who do not understand this concept, or understand why children are their own little human bean, you shouldn’t be a parent. The reason why children get to have so much privacy and safety, is because, unfortunately, parents (or someone they know) are more likely to harm them.

Trans and gay kids aren’t being kicked out of home, by someone they don’t know.