New Week, New Me and New You Too =D

Oh my goodness people! Two days off of Twitter, and I got more accomplished over the weekend then I have in the last month, lol.

I came off on the Friday, mainly because, finding out that I had an infection in my tooth and I have to go back twice to get it properly fixed. Kind of depressed me. Its not just the dentist and the work needed done there, its my wedding in November. So it’s just one more extra BIG cost.

Apart from that it’s actually be really good. I got a lot of gardening done. I got a lot of wedding organising done. Too the point it seems like buying a new camera and playing with it, would be much cheaper and a better idea than hiring a photographer, outright. I reckon we could totally do it! I really wanted more “professional” photos for both of our Grandma’s, but neither may be able to make it by November anyway.

Thanks to St Pattys Day, I have an entire new focus on a wedding dress. Get something in a simple Boho/Celtic/Renaissance style and then dress it up. As my therapist reminded me though, I can have more than one dress, but with the costs at the moment. I still have time to really decide.

I am also just not replying to toxic family members at the moment. It’s actually all going really good. If they do reply, I either delete the message, or put into a folder to be dealt with later.

My mindset is just completely changed. I’m focusing back on my “website” that I was trying to startup last year. That wasn’t really Twitters fault. It was more what I can use a website for?

The most fun news, apart from the wedding and the gardening. I started to write a book. At the moment I know what I want it to be about. I was mainly inspired to write about what I think a “real” woman is. It’s a total pet hate of mine, that people (transphobes) will call biological women, like myself, “real”. Too me, we are all real. What even is a real woman?! I feel like it’s something I can write about from my own experiences. At the moment it’s just sporadic writing, lol



One of the things that I noticed over the weekend, was that there are trans people who seem to not be able to see what harm their doing to the trans community. I have noticed this in a few different kinds of different communities.

  • One had a picture of a Nazi symbol hanging in their wall.

I just want to know…why? It’s not like Right Wing, Christians Conservatives haven’t made their feelings known.

*Update* That trans person with the Nazi symbol, they deactivated their account.

We also had an Indigenous Member of Parliament, say that she backs the white billionaire who has no problem with basically, genocide of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Why? What does that benefit for her?

It’s not “woke” to not wear the logo of a white billionaire who want to wipe out your family, your elders, your mother, your father, your brothers, ,your sisters. Its human.

Magic Monday

So it’s been a week, since I’ve been pro-actively taking out US news. Every now and then something comes up where you just cannot ignore it. But during the week, as I wrote last week, even after a few days my mindset changed a lot.

I probably spent most of the week, other than working. Just starting to organise stuff, like really clean. Since, my partner and I don’t have children, at the moment. Sometimes I let the cleaning slack off. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen get cleaned a lot. Cause ewww, if I didn’t. But even saying that, I don’t always clean the bathroom cupboard surface.

So when I say organise, I did things like transfer the Christmas stuff into a bigger box. I tend to keep buying things for Christmas, lol. I’ve got things to help me organise the bathrooms better. Chucking out cardboard boxes that aren’t needed. Keeping a couple though, because they will more than likely be needed for Christmas. I am also looking into bathroom organisers and those little hand held vacuum cleaners.

I did a lot of gardening too, it needs to be done. One week I had a hurt leg and the weeds just popped up everywhere. We might have to get a gardener in, cause I can’t handle it with my leg.


Over this next week, I am going to try and re-focus my mind.

Which means, over the next week I invite you … TOO MY MIND!!! Hahahaha.

It’s more, I like to write to get my thoughts out. What I thought I’d do this week though is too write here, on the blog. Not about more personal things, I’ll leave that to my journal. Just more things, how I can focus on things around the world. What I want to do is get my mind to remember the good things. The things worth fighting for.

It’s getting mentally tough out there. I need to sit and refocus. I am still blocked on Twitter, and I am so thankful. I know what I’m going to do when I get it back. I plan to really stay off of it still, but I will be making a “post”. Then I really wont be on there anymore.

I hope you enjoy the next week of posts, because a lot are about dreams and ideas I have to make the world better. Well, how I think so anyway.

Cheetahs make a comeback in India after 70 years

By Associated Press11:17pm Sep 17, 2022

I think I know what the problem is

…with America. It became apparent when Queen Elizabeth II died.

American’s keep making Queen Elizabeth II death, about them. Reminder: America is not a Commonwealth Country, and “America” was “discovered” by people trying to escape the Royalty/Religious persecution. That’s the entire of point of America, not to be like the Royal Family.

I remember saying that American’s arrogance is going to be their downfall, and this a big proof of that. There was a page that I was following that complained and whine about the Royal Family all day. Then had the audacity to complain about how the media were covering it, instead of the water in Flint.

I get people trying to repair what was done, that is commendable and I will stand next with people who do so. In Australia, we are starting to see that with the Aboriginal communities.

During QE 2 Reign:

Queen Elizabeth II Is the Monarch of Fifteen Countries. What Does That Mean?

By James McBride

Last updated March 25, 2022 10:00 am (EST)

Americans also have no sense of humour.


You all know how I got “banned” from Twitter, right? Well I got banned, I was mass reported by TERFs, again. I will post at the end of this post, what I was banned over. I’ve appealed it, but I honestly just do not care about it anymore.

Anywhooooo, so around the same time, I had decided to just stop talking to, and bringing up certain members of my family, to my Mum. It’s just so utterly pointless. She’s getting to the point with them, where you don’t even bring them up, but she will and stand up for them. Even though they’re in the wrong, and what she says about them is completely incorrect.

Take for example, we were just talking about Trump supporters and she goes “Yeah! Which is why I was so surprised that so and so like him so much”…

Anyways, she said to me a few weeks ago “You’ve been so much nicer, well not nicer, but more relaxed since being banned off of Twitter” I nearly burst out laughing, I’m thinking in my head “Yeah, that’s just a coincidence”.

It is! When “I” came off of Twitter, my mindset found it so wonderful, that I just happened to keep it up. If you read my post earlier in the week, instead of arguing with stupid TERFS. I just blocked them. Being banned off Twitter, has just been this rolling affect of positivity. If she wants to waste the rest of her life, being their bitch, go for it, it’s her life.

My partner laughs when I say that, because he knows I would never say that to her face. It’s also the reason I am trying to let it go though. I was coming pretty close to saying it, mainly because I started to realise that she has more sympathy for them, then she does her own mother. Who has dementia. That made me feel extremely ill and disgusted. Still am really.

Love You ❤ ❤ ❤

The mindset

Look, a good mindset will make your life so much easier. Sometimes I know it’s hard to do on certain days.

*I will still be checking my post “Ask me anything” for at least another 5 hours. If you would like to ask me anything.*

I had a lot of time to think over the last few days, and the one thing that still “annoys” me is, people complaining about masks. Like, I get it, but I have a worn a mask whenever it was clearly appropriate and I will continue to do so.

I don’t actually, properly, understand what the problem is. Of all the things you can do to help, wearing a mask, while it might be annoying. They’re not asking you too find a cure. Wearing a mask, getting vaccinated are literally the littlest things you can do to HELP others.

I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about them. Have we really lost that much empathy and sympathy for others? Like I wear a mask so much sometimes I forget I have one on. Sure, it’s annoying, end of the world? No.

We’re not in the Ukraine. They’re not asking you to fight a war, just put your mask on to help others. Is it going to last forever? No. But the more you do less to help, the longer it’s just going to be around for. We really are a generation of instant satisfaction. Get over it, lol.

Sometimes I think I’m really odd. Then other times I’m like “Nah, it’s just what must be done”. And at the end of it all, wouldn’t you want to be look at yourself in the mirror and go “I literally did all I could”?

Pessimism and Optimism

When I woke up yesterday I saw something that made me feel good. It showed me that despite the right wing media and politicians in the UK. Relatively the same amount of people still support trans people. Which was really lovely to see.

It kind of went downhill from there…For a moment.

The most upsetting thing that I saw, was basically evil towards women, trans and gay people. At the same time though, not surprising. The other thing I saw was that Australia’s former Treasure, now has a big job at Goldman Sachs. Which made me laugh and go “why”. Just because someone worked in an area for a while, doesn’t mean that they’re good at it.

What kept me from completely losing my bottle, was one, that survey from You Gov, UK. What also helped though, was listening to the actual public, rather than the self-congratulating politics.


Hindsight is 20/20.

How many times have we heard that one before? Is it because we always hear about that with abuse cases? Someone said something to me yesterday, “someone doesn’t become abusive overnight” No they don’t, but in every single case of abuse I’ve ever seen. When the family and friends look back, yep, they realise things.

Most of the time, people don’t want to see it. The people who can see it, usually become cut off, since the victim always cut off those people.

No one becomes abusive overnight, but if you actually LOOK and LISTEN, it’s more than likely the case, it’s always been there. I can’t honestly think of a case I’ve heard of or seen, where if you actually PAY ATTENTION, the signs are not there. They always are. Abuse victims very rarely will yell out “I’M BEING ABUSED”. But they are there, IF you pay attention.

Rowling is another one. When you actually look BACK, you can see how problematic issues have followed her for literal YEARS. And it’s always “I didn’t mean it like that” or she’d threaten to sue people. You can’t even make a joke about the things she has said, without her threatening to sue you. One of her charities was started with Baroness Nicholson, who isn’t just anti-LGBTQIA, she’s also anti-abortion.

In China, they took all the homosexual “moments” out in FB, two lines were cut, that was it. Not really gay representation, lol.

Speaking of which, my Mum has NOW finally decided to go to the Doctors, after months of random coughing. She has had trouble breathing, so NOW is taking a PCR test to go to the Drs -.- Do you know how long I’ve been telling her to get it checked out for?


Yesterday, I decided to take a break, for whatever I wanted too. Which is why I didn’t make comments yesterday, on here.

I did do things like clothes and dish washing, because, well I had too.

Today though is a public holiday (for I believe) most of Australia, We get a public holiday to “celebrate” the Queens birthday. Happy Birthday your majesty. Apart from drinking tea, I’m not really doing anything “British”, not on purpose. It’s just not happening, lol

I was all yesterday “I’m just gonna chill” and do whatever, I just felt like I needed too. You know what though? It was REALLY hard to do, because there are things that I could do, but I just didn’t want to do.

It was really hard to get rid of the guilt that I felt by not doing things I should have done. Now, these things do not need to be completed for a bit. But still, that guilt.