Summer lovin, had me a blast…

Well it’s actually Winter in Australia right now. But the sentiment behind this post is the same thing. What I have to write today is a very simple message.

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I know it’s hard during Summer and Winter to see happy couples out and about. Or during Winter to see couples all nice and cuddly cosy together. But just remember that at all times of the year, 24/7, it is better to be alone, than to be in an abusive relationship. Without a single doubt. I’ve seen relationship after relationship of people who are just in relationships to be in one. You end off being bruised more physically and emotionally than it’s worth.



I did it…Kind of…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a Blog called “I wish…” where I was writing about how I wanted to try and find some way some random messages to my family and friends. Without it being totally creepy and without them knowing it’s me. So far, apart from post it notes, I haven’t really been able to do it.


I have started to do it randomly around my city instead. I’ve been trying to do it “ninja style”. I’m trying not to get caught, make sure that it wont be discovered for a while and when I’m long gone…You are the only ones who know about it!

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