Bully or Not a Bully?

Isn’t it great when you’re writing one post and then come up with another Blog Post idea?

I was writing about “something that I’ve created” and I mentioned about a person who let me know that I’m upset people better listen because when I’m upset, something must be really wrong. The irony is what she said was she ended being one of my biggest bullies that I’ve ever encountered before.

That’s when it struck me though, does she (and other one) even consider themselves to be bullies? I have few mutual friends with these girls, amazingly I lost a lot because of them as well. Since we have these friends in common sometimes I see them write comments that still, to this day, make me roll my eyes. However the things they say they don’t seem to think that they have ever done anything wrong in their life. Which perplexes me, clearly.

It did make me think though how many of our bullies actually even think they have been bullies themselves? There is that whole theory that bullies are bullies because someone bullied them. So maybe they don’t think they are because they’re not bullying like their bullies have?

Thoughts? Opinions? 

It’s in your DNA

I have always called myself a mutt. I was born in Australia, both my parents are English, great grandparents, and we suspect that there is either Spanish or Indian. When I saw this video a light-bulb went off in my head. Everything that’s been going on lately, has really disturbed me.

I feel like we are trying to put ourselves and others into boxes than other before, while yet, telling others to keep an open mind? It is very much a us against them mentality. I don’t believe us vs them is helpful and it all feels very toxic. Like we are trying to segregate each other again. and Too me it’s a lot about our backgrounds and where we all come from. Except I strongly believe none of us know our TRUE backgrounds, what our cultures are. Which is why I believe each culture needs to be respected, but that it’s okay to share it with others. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one ~.^

I read recently that  1 in 4 kids are not even their “fathers” child…One in 4! God knows how often that sort of thing was going on years ago as well, and we all know about the English Kings and Queens, and their affairs. Who knows where we truly come from?

My personal favourite was the English guy who said that he was 100% English and he hates Germans.