Kanye West

Okay, I am writing about this because I saw an article regarding him and it was calling his behaviour, juvenile. Now I get why that did that, if they called what his behaviour is, they’d probably get sued. His behaviour is downright dangerous.

I will admit that have a fear of people who are bi-polar. This comes from being sexually assaulted by someone with bi-polar. When I hear someone has it, I do instantly recoil. However, because I know it’s MY issue, I will work through it.

However, what makes me fear West, is that I am pretty sure he is either not taking his medication, or he is not taking the right medication. And that IS dangerous. And he has NO excuse, yes he is black, but he is also a rich person, and a celebrity. He has access to services that like 95% of the world’s population just do not have. I am pretty sure that Kardashians/Jenners would help him to get access to these too. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

For myself, it’s like watching white women throwing themselves and defending Johnny Depp. Both of these men, as time continues to go on. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and words, have decided it is okay to have a go at everyone else. IT IS NOT OKAY. The most dangerous thing is to put off their actions as “hurt feelings”.

There is a difference between being hurt and trying to control everyone around you, through manipulation. The only good thing about Depp, is that he and Heard didn’t have any children together. I think that’s the biggest difference between Depp and West, Depp doesn’t have children to manipulate others with.

I am not a Kardashian/Jenner fan, by any means, even I fear for them though.


Just because I suffer from it, doesn’t make me an expert about it.

I suffer from anxiety, I have a good job, good relationships (especially with myself), I have pretty good health. I still suffer from anxiety. I cannot generalise, and it does not make an expert in anxiety either. I can only speak for what works for me. It’s kind of like getting COVID, surviving, no long term conditions and calling myself an expert on COVID…

Unless you’ve spent years studying and researching, and keeping up with that researching and studying. Then no, you are not an expert.

Heck, even some of the experts aren’t that great at it either! There are about 7 Scientists (I think) who think the earth is flat. The majority though, clearly, do not believe that. So just be aware…But yeah, people like myself, even though I have anxiety issues, I am not an expert.

I bring this up, because again a transphobe has decided that because they have experienced gender dysphoria, and so they talk about it from THEIR experience. All the TERFs are like “Oh well, now I can talk about it” and this transphobe keeps liking their comments. So I’ve reminded, one person experience does not mean they are an expert and you STILL should not talk about something, because you know ONE person. Who from what we could see, didn’t even understand what gender dysphoria is, or anxiety. They actually seemed to believe, as long as your physically safe, your mind wont play tricks on you. That’s not how anxiety works.

Which is why I say, I have a good job, good relationships (especially with myself), I have pretty good health. I still suffer from anxiety. Not even being an expert, I can have anxiety attacks in a “physically safe space” and I do.

The best advice…stay calm

*Kitty still not home, but trying to distract myself*

That’s it.

When it comes to COVID and Omicron, stay calm.

Listen to the health and medical experts. Don’t necessarily follow what journalists say. Don’t listen to the news. Consider what the politicians say, but take their information and then see what the health and experts say.

We were getting through COVID (well some of us), and we can get through Omicron too.

This probably makes me a total biotch…

I just don’t feel sorry or anything really bad, for the Health and Medical workers who have been let go, because they refuse to get a vaccine.

Now, if they’ve had legitimate reasons for not getting it like medical, and yes religious, fine. They’ve known for months though this was coming up. Quiet frankly…

Like, I don’t know what to say about the situation. Other than, I just don’t feel sorry for them.

How can you work with the actual most vulnerable and not get a vaccine? Like surely working with COVID patients, you can SEE the impact it has? I’m now working with data entry and I’m STILL getting the vaccine.

My grandfather had emphysema, one winter, he got pneumonia. He went into Hospital, and then contracted MRSA, and that’s what killed him. What if it was one of the staff that passed that onto him? If I ever found that out, I would be so pissed! Screw these transphobes that say women in prison are the most vulnerable in our society … They are bloody well not.

The now-ex staff were lamenting that they’d have to find new careers…Bloody too right! You can’t work around infectious people, without some sort of protection for them and YOURSELF!

Actually, I take it back…I’m not the bitch, they are. I got my flu shot for the first time last year, even though that’s not’s COVID related. You can see reports where the cold/flu was down last year. More than likely people were getting shots, and the hygiene was SO much better.

I just do not feel bad for these people, but I feel like I’m supposed too.

Learn Something New!

This post is definitely advocating for learning something new every day!

I would like to say that this post has to do with dementia and Alzheimer, if you know someone whose suffering from it. If you find the topic upsetting, please stop reading now. I actually am not enjoying writing this post,  I felt though it was a good one to share!

I learnt quiet a few interesting things over the weekend and I felt that I should share them with you.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are probably two of the scariest things to get in this world. Something that I think a lot of us can agree that we do not want anything to do with. Yes, there are other things that are just as scary to get. There is just something terrifying about forgetting and not remembering.

Over the weekend though I learnt some interesting information about it.

  • Iron in the brain boosts Alzheimer (ABC Net – Science 20 May, 2015 – Anna Salleh). Now why that sounds terrifying since we have iron in our blood, it is something the body naturally reproduces. This is mainly aimed at people who are taking iron deficiency type tablets and do not need it.
  • There is a very good truth is learning something new every day! The article talks about learning something new all the time manages to keep off Alzhemier. By new things every day, they don’t mean playing a different puzzle on Sudoku. Doing things like going to musicals, learning a new language and even learning basic home plumbing has proven to be beneficial. (Learn something new to shield your brain from Alzhemier – Jan 9th 2017, Tony Dearing)


Think before you Act

I read this article today and I think that it is probably something that everyone should read and everybody at sometime in our lives are going to experience. Sitting and waiting in a Doctors waiting area is about as likely to happen as taxes and death are. At some point in your life you will be in a Doctors waiting area, sitting around.

How many time have you sat there waiting impatiently, not understand why they’ve made that appointment if they are never on time?

This article is written by a local GP and I think it’s a great written entry and really makes you think “Be Kind ❤“…Now I’ve never been one to get hugely upset when I’ve made an appointment because I’ve always thought that this was the way and I’ve had a health scare in my life as well, where I needed to ask a few more questions than I usually would.

However, I do start to get irritated when I’ll see someone else, doing that whole, looking at their watch, then that huge sigh, then look at their phone, huge sigh, walk around, tap their fingers…I try telling myself that these people are just anxious about some test results, but then they start going up to the Nurses and complain about how they just need to get a repeat prescription.