The media’s playing us

I know that you all know this. But I am going to give you a really GOOD example of this.

Now, I know that I am preaching to the converted with this, but I am going to write a title from a “news” article placed in the “Daily Fail”…Sorry, Daily Mail in the UK, and break it down. Then I am going to show you the amazing response from one tweeter.

(If Twitter picks up in Australia, at the moment I’m writing this, it’s slow or just not working in Australia or New Zealand). My god that was really bad for a long time there

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title after the release of his six-part Netflix series with Meghan Markle.

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title after the release of his six-part Netflix series.

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title …

Do you see it?

The Daily Mail wrote the article like the people voted over half for the title to be stripped. People don’t really READ anymore. They “instant read”, they read the words they want to read.


I see you

I was like “How are so many people commenting on the Harry and Meghan thing, and all that’s out is the trailer?” That was before the series come out, last week? Here’s the thing and word that you need to get to know and learn.



Learn to pronounce


  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”a basic algorithm for division”

When you constantly talk, write or click onto something, it will come up all the time. I have no respect for a certain “reality tv family” and never have. Yet, they rarely come up in my news feeds. The one time they did was when people keep acting like they played no part no in Ye’s downfall. Yet, until last year, NONE of them had problem joining in with him.

I have no problem with Harry and Meghan, I don’t actually understand why a lot of people seem to hate them so much. Even so, all the stories I ever see are always negative. I mean I do, but I don’t. Since I don’t mind them though, I am constantly having to see the negative media. I started to to say click on that I’m not interested, because I wasn’t. Also, I sat there thinking “H and M, Diana’s son and his American wife, really don’t care about what a bunch of nobodies are saying in the media”.

They are not reading it. The media especially in the UK, are WAY too saturating it in hate and negativity. If you don’t want to watch it…Don’t, simple. The UK media were blaming Meghan for the situation with Lady Hussey. Which was another overblown situation. Something was said, she apologised and retired (probably because she’s 83 and realised she might as well).

The Royal Family DO need to catch up with the times. As for the UK media, what a toxic bunch. It’s not even with JUST Harry and Meghan, it’s with every aspect of UK living. Trans rights, Education, “Illegal” Immigrants. I just saw Kay Burley say and I quote “Teachers haven’t taught for over two years, why should they get a rise?”.

I remember a time when people HATED the Royal Family for what it “did” to Diana. I remember the UK media being horrid towards Diana. I am pretty sure that Harry does too. What short memories some have.

Prince Philip Did Not Want the Flag Lowered Over Buckingham Palace for Princess Diana

You have to be VERY careful that you’re not getting caught up in an negative algorithm, it is really easy too do. I am not watching the H and M documentary until after the hype, and then make my own decisions.

I declare, in the run to the new year…Too be as positive as I can, for all our sanity.

Can’t believe

I am about to say this, but thank you too Brie Schmidt for writing this article.

Royal Expert Explains Why King Charles’ Latest Role Should Have Been Given To Prince Andrew

I will start off by saying, I totally disagree with the “Royal Expert”…You know something though? At LEAST this Royal Expert remembered that Andrew is kind of a working Royal still.

All freaking day, all the articles were about how “Harry and Meghan would be furious with this snub”. Since 2020, Harry and Meghan have not been part of the Royal Working Family. So, how can one be snubbed from something they’re not apart of? Of course all those “Royal Experts” were on GB Morning, which is the UKs Fox news.

It drives me really nuts sometimes. It’s like the same with trans people, just leave them alone…Like, geeze!


Now that things are starting to settle, and we can see things a little more clearer, I am posting this. Please excuse my bad Photoshop abilities.

For those who don’t know, Dan Andrews is a Labor/Democrat type state leader. He has been an amazing leader throughout Victoria’s COVID. They are currently about to go through another election. I can’t help but note, but despite the media being mainly right winged owned. At least the right wing leading, more and more people are voting for left wing politics.

Its one of the positives of social media, people cannot hide as they once did. Even though they complain about having no “Free Speech”, we can see their speech, we can see very freely what they’re saying. We can see when they lie, we can see their hypocrisy. The funny thing is so though, they think we can’t see it.

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2022 Midterms Delivered Key Wins for Democrats

After Uvalde, Abbott decided to increase gun usage and banned abortions,

White women have been voting against their (reproductive) interests for yearsArwa Mahdawi; Opinion, Sun 6 Nov 2022 00.00 AEDT

We are a grumpy lot, lol

I am the first to admit that I tend to get grumpier these days, but it’s all over totally legit reasons, lol

I don’t know (obviously) if your computers have the same thing that my personal and work computer do. On the taskbar below, we have a weather things and when you hoover over it, it shows a lot of different news stories.

Well, the public can react to these new stories, and while I understand that a lot of media is either Murdoch controlled, or a lot is just bad/lazy journalism. Gee, a lot of good stories makes people angry. Maybe that’s part of the problem, people who have all this time on their hands, can’t see a good news story for being happy.

Some stories I’ve seen angry faces too:

A penguin protector retiring – The main complaint, anti-climate people.

Starlink Satellites – People complaining about the Scientist’s and astrologers, rightly, issuing warning’s about these Starlink Satellites. These satellites may help with out internet connections, but they’re run by people like Elon Musk. So they’re not necessarily climate safe, and they hide actual stars.

I think what gets me, is that when I see the actual reasons that these “people” are angry. It isn’t ever because, you know, the satellites are hiding actual stars. They’re angry at the Scientist and the Astrologists for correctly pointing out the issues.

And I am not even kidding, there were a lot of angry faces at Bridal trends since the 40’s.

Who holds the media to account, when the media don’t hold each other to account?

So, who does? Apparently it’s the public that do. What happens though, when the media decides that the public are wrong and wont listen to them? A question was asked by, I don’t think she’s even a Journalist actually, but she’s a Executive Director in Australia for Change Org you know that Organisation whose apparently for the voiceless?

She asked the question “Do people know understand what a journalists job is too do”?

Now, the reason why this was such a condescending question. Is because Australian journalists, decided that they needed to protect a particular female journalist, who had done a VERY stupid. So according to Sally Rugg, and the rest of Australian’s journalism and media personalities. What journalists do “do” is:

Journalists, target ONE Premier, not others, and not in their own states. Fly Interstate to question said Premier, because she can’t take a hint, under the guise she was there for a friends birthday. Especially since that Journalist has been targeting that ONE Premier, not even in her own state, for months. Never attending her own states press conferences about the virus. Just to ask the SAME questions, that not only has Peta Credlin (think Fox News) asked. But the same questions that have been asked for 12 + months by Victorian journalists. Didn’t I mention this journalist has never ONCE attended her own states premiers press conferences. Which would appear to be odd, no? Especially since that state had a huge cluster around Christmas time, and no one was told where it started from, you know vital information.

And then there’s this…

I don’t know if I wrote about this previously, but the BBC said that they will fire members of staff who turn up to Pride and BLM, even on their days off, as they don’t want to appear biased. Then they keep doing shows about trans people, without actually talking to a trans people. This is their response to the many complaints.

What is the POINT of getting rid of Murdoch, when the people who are paid by the tax payers to broadcast non-Murdoch “stuff”. Are doing the exact same things that Murdoch does.

Social Media Cleanse

*Edit* I am so sorry! I do not know what’s going on lately, but I swear that I am scheduling  things and then they just keep popping up everywhere, anywhere they feel like!

It is SO hard these days to ignore the social media “craze” and the hold that it has over all people of all ages, races, gender, background…the list goes on. It is important to note here though that not everyone in the world has a computer or a “smart phone”. It is easy to understand though why people find it so hard to take themselves off of it, some struggle even not being apart of it for only hours and minutes at a time.

I made a promise to myself about a year ago, that at least once a week I was going to come off all my social media pages. Which I can say that I do and it’s easy. Although to be honest it isn’t that hard, there are a lot of negative and horrible people on their. They definitely do help me get fed up with it easier and they make me want to come off.

There are SO many benefits from coming off of social media, even for just one day. I can also say that I find it easily to spend days off of places like Facebook and Instagram so much easier these days for my longer than a day. I find that once you start making something apart of your routine and you keep it up, whether that be keeping something in or out. It just starts to become easier after a while.

However, I also think that you need something else to keep yourself occupied, especially those first few times that you do something. Below I have written a few things that I found kept me from getting on social media. If you have any please, free to share!

  • Read,read,read…and did I mention, Read…Taking time off from social media is definitely a good time to get caught up with your reading. If you are anything like me, once I start reading I tend to just keep going. Especially if it’s a book that I’m interested in.
  • I also love to play video games, so that is a good time.
  • I tend to do more things like mediating and doing more yoga when I take myself off. It gives me to properly sit and meditate and clear my mind. Although my Gran did say that you should be able to meditate anywhere, if you are doing it properly.
  • I do a LOT more walking, by myself and with my dog. Even if I’m walking to the local supermarket. I’m more likely to walk and get my food, rather than order it online…Save a lot of money!
  • Cleaning out my closets…Just this past week I have gotten rid of about nearly 10 blouses/shirts that I haven’t worn in a couple of years (I’ve had most of them for years, it’s just been the couple of years since I hurt my leg, I’ve put on weight) I have gotten so much more space now, it’s great! Room for more…Just kidding ~.^
  • Of course it gives me a lot more time for writing Blog posts and just the general writing for fun that I like to do.

Twitching to Twitch

I finally thought of something to write about, something that is really quiet magical to myself and I hope that it becomes magical to you as well.

I call myself a “creeper twitcher” which basically means that I watch a lot of Twitch streaming…

What is Twitch, I hear you ask? (Maybe)

Twitch or Twitch tv is probably the leading platform when it games to live streaming gamers and their games. More than 45 millions…that’s million…gamer use Twitch to live stream their games and other related live gaming type entertainment. This can be anything for watching other people play, people who cosplay making their latest costumer to food and drink. Some people will just literally streaming themselves having a party.

I call myself a “creeper twitcher” because I watch quiet a few twitchers. Some are harder to watch than others just purely because of the time different. As I’ve mentioned before it is LIVE…So this means because we are watching people from all over the world, sometimes you do miss a favourite twitcher. However, there a couple of Australians I LOVE to watch and luckily, they like to Twitch a lot as well!

I have often thought about becoming a Twitcher myself, instead of just stalking everybody on it. I just do not have the guts to do it! I honestly feel like that people on the Twitch community are becoming celebrities on their right. A new media for celebrity maybe?

What about yourselves? Do you like to watch Twitch? Care to share who you are currently watching? Are you a creeper too?



There is something that I have thought about lately and something that I do not understand. Has anyone else noticed the amount of people who claim to hate a station/tvpresenter/tvshow etc. Yet, at the same time know EVERYTHING that tv presenter has said, watched every single show they don’t life and so know what’s being showed. How do they know SO much about something they say they hate so much?

Unless they are obsessively following everything they “hate”

But, why? Who does that?

Too me it’s the same as following everything an ex partners, or an ex friend or a family member who you’ve disowned and saying “I’ve moved on and I don’t care what they do”. Yet, they know more about these people than you do. I know at least two people in my life who constantly talking about moving on, but one who is not friends with their ex friends anymore on Facebook. They know more about what is going on with their Facebook than I do, and I am actually friends with these people on Facebook…How?

I recently talked about these issues in another post, but this one is more related too complete strangers obsessively following a tv presenter, a show and thinking that there is nothing wrong with you, about that? There’s only one way you can know what’s going on and that is you are obsessively following that show/presenter.

The best example I can think of is an Australian tv presenter called Waleed Aly, an Australian Muslim television presenter. Now if you read the regular comments about him, he’s called mainly a Muslim terrorist sympathiser. Except, he has never once said “Yay…Terrorism” He’s called them weak, they don’t represent his Muslim. I think it’s all down to he doesn’t say what they want to hear, the right way. Which is probably “All Muslim people should be deported” Yet a lot of his haters constantly comment about him, they are clearly watching the show since they have SO much to say about what was on the show. When I asked one of them “Prove to me that he has ever said Yay, terrorism” No one was able to respond, because he hasn’t ever actually said that and because he doesn’t think that…at all

Now I can understand being obsessed about a ex partners, or an ex friend or a family member who’ve disowned, only for a little while. I do think after a certain amount of time you need help. However, I really DON’T understand about following a show/tv presenter/tv channel you don’t like? I cannot imagine about making my entire life about something that is so easy to turn off and not follow? What lack of a life must you have? There are plenty of shows out there that you can watch if you want too watch something with more of your point of view.

You don’t HAVE to make your life about everything you hate.

I don’t “care”

There is something that really intrigues me and I would really love to hear your opinions on it or if you are one these people who do this, to please explain what this need this.

What is with this seemingly big NEED that some people have to write on news articles or ‘entertainment’ type articles about how they “don’t care” they have “real news to read” and is this article really “newsworthy”. What are they doing there then? Personally, when I see an article I’m not interested in I skip pass it. I actually asked someone this question because I find it really intriguing, that whole thought process. Of creating traffic for something you don’t care about, rather than creating traffic and focusing on the things you do. Then boasting about how you don’t care, like it’s some great feat and accomplishment that you just HAD to write that?

I am like 99% sure no one is making these people read these articles. So why are they even reading these articles for? Do they not have enough to care about? Do they have a lot of free time that they have the time to focus on things they don’t care about?

I have always said that the Kardashians are being kept in our public eye, not because of their fans, but because of their haters. They are making their numbers and money from their haters. For example, the amount of articles I have seen people comment and re-share articles about them is literally in the thousands…but…they “hate” them? Yet my brother and his friends seem to really like them, yet I rarely hear them talk about them. I only found that they like them last year, when my brother was over for a visit and there was a Kardashian marathon on the tv…We had to watch it all day -.-

For those who may not know what I mean by “traffic”. It means when you click on a article online, or you comment online, you are creating “traffic” that the website keeps tracks of to see, what people are interested in and what the public is talking about. They don’t care what you deem “newsworthy” or what “real news” is, or if you like the article or not. What they focus on is the numbers that each article receives. So by you “not caring” and clicking on a article you don’t “care” about, it creates interests and so that site will continue to talk about it.

Even take WordPress, how many of us have edited our Blogs and write about topics that interest people more than what we actually want to write about, based on the views, discussions and likes we have gotten for our posts.

Please discuss!