I was talking to an American friend earlier this week and we were talking role playing, and I said I don’t want to role play online with characters that require “rumpy pumpy”, and they couldn’t stop laughing! They had never heard the term before.

Rumpy Pumpy basically means, making sweet love.

What is a word you say that may be either made up or something you say that people may not have heard about?


Thursday Theories – Pride

I am going to be ‘straight’ up with you folks. I grow tired of transphobia, at this point, they’re just embarrassing themselves. I’m straight and I am SO embarrassed for them.

What IS Pride?

LGBT pride (also known as gay pride or simply pride) is the promotion of the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people as a social group. – Wiki

Pride is for:

Alan Turing

Barbara Gittings

Bayard Rustin

Bill Thom

Christine Jorgensen

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

Harvey Milk

Actually, nearly everyone in this list…

26 People From the LGBTQ Movement You Should Know

By Adam SchubakJun 18, 2021

Sadly, a lot of people on that list, are not alive today.

Pride is not just about ONE group, nor is it about what that ONE group think what everyone else should be like. It is about embracing who you truly are. Especially when being who you are has been a literal crime for centuries.

Funny thing is, I would give money for LGB “Alliance” to have their own “Pride” march. One it would be hilarious to see them make butts of themselves. LGB Alliance membership, as I’ve mentioned before is only 7% LGB, the rest are all straight. Might as well be a straight Pride. Two, the things they do attend, there is so few of them, it would just be hiliarious to see if people could tell there was even a march going on, haha.

Thursday Theories – What’s in a name

Well, according to some TERFs, that if you change your name, that means you’ve “cut off” the parental link…I am not even kidding..,

If you actually believe this, you need help.

It starts off with “A name is given with love”.

Which might, in some cases, be true. Although reading through some of the comments, it seems that some parents gave their kids their names…cause…

Myself, as an example, I am named after Lauren Bacall. Which is pretty cool. I do feel like Lauren, but if I didn’t, that has nothing to do with my parents.

*You know* after the last couple of days this seems so not important, however, I will continue.

I could call myself…

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It has nothing to do with my parents, and my “connection” to them.

How about yourselves? Do you think changing your name cuts off the connection to your parents? Is there a cool story behind your name?

Phobia vs Trauma

Trigger Warning

One thing that has been eating away at me, is people calling their transphobia a “trauma”.

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause harm. The word itself comes from the Greek word “phobos,” which means “fear” or “horror.”

Now if you ever have been attacked by an actual trans person, your transphobia is absolutely warranted, just like if you were attacked by a cis male, of course, your fear of men (I don’t know what the word is), that is also warranted. Or if your attacked by a female, then your fear of women is also warranted.

The issue here is, people like Rowling will go on and on and on about how abusive her ex was. Fine, then go after him. A lot of women who think Rowling is the “Queen” have also been attacked by cis males. Fine, go after them.

What has that got to do with trans people? Nothing, it’s ridiclous.

This is why Dr Ford is my Shero. She knew she would probably lose against Kavaughan, she still went after the man that hurt her. She didn’t go after some random group and blame them for it. I will plainly say this. If Rowling actually went for her abusive ex-husband, I would be right beside her (as I am sure a lot of people would) However, she is not, so I am not.

Adult Up

I’ve decided for myself, me and I, that I am changing the term from grow up to “Adult Up”.

I was inspired to do this when I was talking to a friends brother, who is more than clearly a Trump Supporter and quiet honestly against anything Science. Which means he against masks and vaccines. He was complaining one day, how he’ll only take a jab when it’s not a emergency vaccine (despite the emergency) and there aren’t endless shots. I pointed out to him, I don’t think it’s actually called “endless” when the most you’ll take it two.

He ended up calling me a sheep, because apparently there’s a third shot being created. I pointed out that that’s still not “endless” and in fact, if I had to take a shot every week to protect myself and others, that take’s, at most, 10 minutes, I’d do it. I also pointed that there are people who actually have to do that every day. In fact, those are the people, we are protecting. I ended up laughing and saying “Quiet frankly, it’s just laziness on your part” and called him a sloth, lol

I just thought during that whole conversation, this guy just needed to be adult.

What Feminism is not

Having noticed that TERFs have been calling themselves “Feminist” a lot lately. I will tell you what it is not.

Firstly TERFism is not Feminism, haha

Whether you agree or call yourself one or not. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t automatically mean you are a feminist.

I consider myself a Feminist, because I believe in Equality. Now there is another term that people like to use “Equalitarian”. Which is basically, equality for both sexes.

I personally, have no problem with either of these terms. They mean pretty much the same thing. Feminism just has a focus on Females/Women.

Feminism itself though, is not a weapon to use against others to “get back” at those who have abused the patriarchy.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind and attack others.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind women and girls, and attack others.

Feminism is for equality.

You can’t have feminism without men either. Men can absolutely be Feminists too. If we choose to exclude men from feminism, how would that make it better than the patriarchy?

One Name…

There’s a really good reason why I don’t listen to anything Trump says anymore, it’s either all:

  • Stupid
  • Dumb
  • Misinformed
  • Inflammatory

My partner though, for some reason, even though he doesn’t like Trump either. Will listen to news reports with Trump speaking. It drives me nuts! Mainly because he’ll say something really that makes me VERY annoyed.

My partner recently played a news report where Trump was talking about Covid19, I swear, he said “It has many names…The Virus, the Chinese Virus, Wuhan Virus”…No, it doesn’t have MANY names…It has ONE name…Covid19. It is definitely NOT “The Chinese Virus”. No leader, should be calling Covid19, anything else BUT Covid19 either.

Just like you and I, even Donald Trump, we all have ONE name. We may have nicknames, but we all have one name.

Maybe, he doesn’t know how to pronounce COVID19?

Share Your World 5-8-19

Share Your World 8-5-19

Share Your World


Does life have a reason (meaning)?

I think so, just because I believe that if there wasn’t, we wouldn’t even be here. I also think though that we don’t all have an individual meaning, it can be completely different…Even Trump! He’s teaching us that, even though we thought that worst of us were only in little groups. I think he has definitely shown that there’s still a lot of terrible people out there! Saying that though, people like Ilhan Omar, AOC…Have also shown that there are lot of good people out there still too.

Will the world come to an end by human hands (man’s actions)?

Oh yes,lol…Definitely. If it doesn’t, it’d only be because hundreds and hundreds of year from now, we’ve somehow found a way to work together. Stupid and toxic people are not in charge. Then some comet comes along and then…

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Will stricter laws make a better world?  Would less strict law make it better?

I find that in this day and age. Laws only seem to work when people have the moral decency to actually follow them *cough Trump traitor*

If death is inevitable, why bother doing anything?

Because it would a very boring life,lol. It’s one of the things that I hate about my anxiety, it stops me from doing things.

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Are thoughts and prayers useful or a sop for people who wish to pay respect but interact through a virtual venue?   Yea or nay – please explain your viewpoint (without rancor) if you would.

I’m not actually sure what a sop is. I think that thoughts and prayers can be certainly appreciated BUT…There’s always something else that needs to back it up with. I found out today that Texas are planning to LOOSEN their gun laws now…So more “good guys” can carry around guns willy nilly. Every shooter was a “good guy” with a gun until they weren’t anymore. As someone whose got a mental health condition, I didn’t have it until the last few years. Guess what, these things happen, you can be fine and then something bad happens. Sometimes mental health can get worse. Which is why they should be tightening them, not loosening them.

So saying to someone “prayers and thought” and then make things worse…It’s just crap basically.


This post kind of follows on from the post I wrote yesterday. My brain gets literally confused with certain people though. The people I wrote about yesterday, how they’re don’t think YouTube or Twitter should change at all. How they are so dead set against these platforms being safer and just better mentally for people.

They are probably the same people who say things like “reverse” racism for white people, or the people that pick and choose sentences from the 2A rather than the whole thing.

Too myself “reverse racism” means that you are not actually racist. Reverse doesn’t mean the same, it means the opposite. I also find it funny though (not really haha funny) that a lot of people who claim reverse racism, are usually white. What I find funny is that these white people don’t see the irony in trying to make a special racism meaning for white people either. You are either racist or your not. There’s no other word, no other meaning.