Thanks for the laughs!

I don’t know how many of you keep with Australian news, over the past week or so there are have been some people who are completely outraged that the QLD government have decided to take the gender off of their drivers licences. Now I love Queensland, it’s a gorgeous place and I was expecting these kind of reactions. The other things a lot of other states in Australia don’t have their genders. Also QLD had already started taking off genders a couple of years ago with new drivers.

However, there was one reaction that has me honestly cracking up. Someone asked why having genders on a drivers licence was SO important anyway, what use is it? There was one guy who said that the LGBTQ community and lefties were trying to take away their masculinity and make us all the same…Then I couldn’t stop with the images of men going around shoving their drivers licences in people’s face going “I AM A MAN”…I haven’t been able to stop laughing since.

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Happy Birthday <3

I just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to this wonderful man, who created a character that made my heart more happy. Sometimes a character and a actor just comes along who you connect with. A amazing actor who made a character who made me feel it was okay to be a little “weirder” than the norm. It’s weird for me, because I’ve always had celebrity crushed, bit even know his speeches make me want to cry, they touch my heart. I miss seeing his gorgeous face every week. I think Peter Capaldi is doing a wonderful job. Happy Birthday to MY Doctor ❤


This quote, when he said it…This huge grin just came across my face … Thank you for making this weirdo feel a little more “normal” ❤

Angels vs Demons

I am a Dr Who fan and I have to say that I am loving this season and I had a conversation with someone about why all the hate on the Doctor Who episode “The Zygon Invasion”…I 100% honestly have no idea why, I liked it,lol…People got nothing better to do than complain?
I liked learning more about Zygons, I know very little about them, I liked the subtly of the episode and the subtly in the episode with some current political relevant issues and I’m ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬ but I didn’t see the Clara thing coming … It’s a tv series…God knows life is complicated enough, I don’t need my relaxation and entertainment to be complicated all the time either,lol … If only people could talk about how much they enjoyed the other episodes!

I am one of those rare Dr Who fans that always looks forward to meeting a new Dr Who (I was still devastated when Matt Smith left though,lol). I’ve really been enjoying this Season, I actually started to not enjoy it so much last Season. I think though that had a lot to do with the writing and had nothing to do with any of the actors, I’m not sure what they were thinking last season. If the Doctor can forgive, then I can too, hehe

I’ve got a crush on you…

So since next week I will be changing to full-time, in a job I really don’t like (think about the money, think about the money) In order to cheer myself up, I enjoy YouTube videos of the fantasy sexy/celebrity men I enjoy. I even have a whole YouTube playlist full of these men … Okay before I sound even more like a sad young lady. What do you do to cheer yourself up and make a stressful situation as easy as possible?

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Dr Who is back!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how long I have waited and how excited I am for this!!! Finally some amazing awesome…wait for it…Fantastic news! Unlike a lot of other people, I am always excited to meet the new Doctors and new companions and always anticipate what they will bring.

My favourite Doctor is always going to be Matt Smith, (#sorrynotsorry) I cannot deny what the 11th Doctor for me. He brought me back to life, he made me listen to words again, he made me listen, he made me smile when nothing else could during an extremely dark time in my life.

I am so excited to see what Peter Capaldi is going to bring though! I sense a lot more darkness, less “romance’…but in the good way…I cannot even begin…I have not stop squealing, I have been waiting literally months for this weekend.

Published on 13 Jul 2014 New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies…The new series of Doctor Who begins Saturday, 23 August.


One week today <3

One week from today Christmas will be here and that also means its one week away from the Doctor Who Christmas Special! Although I am looking forward to see what Peter Capaldi can bring to the Doctor I don’t want Matt Smith too go =(

Matt Smith has been such a hero for me, he came along when I found it a hard time to believe that men can be kind at all. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers, cousins, Uncles and my Grandfather was an amazing human being. I’m related to them though and they are so amazing! My brother and my cousins, especially the ones I grew up with, are younger than me and they ALL own their own businesses, successful in their fields and are amazing cooks! Most importantly they are who they are and they are not ashamed of that. I’m very proud of them.

This year really made me question though the way I had been treated, not just by my ex’s, especially the last one, but also by my guy friends. It started to make me realise that if I had dated my guy friends, I would have dumped pretty much all of them by now, the way they treat women. Most being in their thirties and in serious long term relationships. They publicly hit on high school girls and constantly “two-face” each other behind each other’s backs for doing the exact same things. They humiliated me publicly over a one night stand I had that I didn’t realise they knew about, without asking me why, since I’ve never done it before or since.

I needed to believe in guys outside of my family and that’s what Matt Smith did for me. He is so quirky and adorable and lovable and the speeches! I know that he plays a part, but since I’ve done drama and ballet and have been on the stage pretty much all of my life. I know that when someone performs the way he does, especially in his amazingly powerful speeches (See “Rings of Akhaten” speech, also known as “The Long Song”) there is something inside of that person that is really truly there. He’s always just so humble and children just seem to think he’s silly and the funniest thing ever. Matt Smith proved to me that you don’t have to have the biggest muscles, be the most well-put together or be the most coordinated to be a hero. You just have to be you, be real, be true, and be kind. Matt Smith is one of a kind. I shall miss him so much…Luckily with today’s easy internet global world, I can pretty much buy with his face on it and download his speeches.

Matt Smith shall always be a hero to me and I don’t think I could ever thank him enough for what he’s done and what he’s been able to make believe in again.


I thank you Matt Smith.