The mindset

Look, a good mindset will make your life so much easier. Sometimes I know it’s hard to do on certain days.

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I had a lot of time to think over the last few days, and the one thing that still “annoys” me is, people complaining about masks. Like, I get it, but I have a worn a mask whenever it was clearly appropriate and I will continue to do so.

I don’t actually, properly, understand what the problem is. Of all the things you can do to help, wearing a mask, while it might be annoying. They’re not asking you too find a cure. Wearing a mask, getting vaccinated are literally the littlest things you can do to HELP others.

I don’t understand why people make such a fuss about them. Have we really lost that much empathy and sympathy for others? Like I wear a mask so much sometimes I forget I have one on. Sure, it’s annoying, end of the world? No.

We’re not in the Ukraine. They’re not asking you to fight a war, just put your mask on to help others. Is it going to last forever? No. But the more you do less to help, the longer it’s just going to be around for. We really are a generation of instant satisfaction. Get over it, lol.

Sometimes I think I’m really odd. Then other times I’m like “Nah, it’s just what must be done”. And at the end of it all, wouldn’t you want to be look at yourself in the mirror and go “I literally did all I could”?


Fandango‚Äôs Provocative Question #168

How do you feel about online anonymity? Do you believe that when people are hiding their real world identity, it encourages them to misbehave or to be offensive? Or does it allow people to reveal who they really are or possibly how they would choose to be and act all the time if they could?

I thought that I would have a crack at this one, because it is a huge topic right. Even Elon Musk is trying to back out of the Twitter deal since they wont really confirm how many Twitter accounts are in fact “real” and are not bots.

Personally I am very open type person, I have not had the experience of someone trying to steal my identity or anything like that, so I am sure that would change how I did things, if I did. I am pretty careful though. I don’t use my phone for banking, while I use different passwords to everything really. I have tricks in my head to remember which one is which.

Saying all of that though, I know a lot of the trans community who keep an online anonymity for really good reasons. At some point each of the big and out there trans accounts have all been doxed. They’ve had their work places rang, luckily most businesses are fine with them. There have been cases on out there cis trans ally accounts, who have had some big name TERFs show up to their places of work and they were harassed there.

But then, a lot of transphobic people, especially not the big names one, are also anon. For VERY different reasons though. I suspect that a lot of them know very well what they’re doing.

So it is a conundrum.

Medics who are “mad”

Over the week I read a article about two healthcare workers (a mother and a daughter) dying from COVID. They weren’t vaccinated. They passed within roughly a week of each other.

I just kept re-reading the same words over and over again…”health care workers”. Who were anti-vax, and thus died from COVID. Is that real? Yes, it is.

Covid-19: Mother and daughter die days apart in hospital.

Mr McAllister said both his daughter and his ex-partner Ms Maddern were domiciliary care workers, who looked after elderly people in their own homes.

I am going to swear, how in FUCK, were these two allowed near elderly people? They didn’t want the vaccine, fine. But do NOT work around vulnerable people!

What is going on in the world? Like seriously.

I saw a tweet about this topic and someone said “That’s a bit iffy, them being around the elderly isn’t it”? And this woman actually had the audacity to say “Why would it matter”?

You have the Freedom to do what you want, but you do not have the Freedom to put my life at risk. You do not have the right to put my Gran’s life at risk. You don’t have a single Freedom, that means you get to harm those around. You don’t want to get vaccinated, you don’t want to do the least you can do to help your fellow “man”. Go back into the hell hole you create for yourself and STAY THERE. If I find out that you’ve put my life or my Gran’s life at risk, I am COMING FOR YOU! … And I will take your little dog from you too!

Thursday Theories – War vs Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaccines

I originally had nothing for this week, but then in Sydney, they had a anti-lockdown “protest”. Where lots were fined and arrested. People who I originally had no respect for, were calling this “protestors”, boof-heads and special idiots. When people who originally thought lock downs were bad, have now done a 180. You should probably listen.

Ironically enough as well, my partner got a text message saying that he needed too get a COVID test done, which meant both myself and my mum had to get tested. I had only been back at my house for ONE night, after the lockdown. So been waiting all day and evening for the results. Pretty sure it’ll be negative though.

NSW, currently, have the Delta Variant, pretty much ripping through NSW. In fact, it’s because of some movers from NSW, that a lot of the other states had to go into lockdown. NSW isn’t very popular right now. So much for the “Gold Standard State”.

What am I going to do, is very lazy. However, it does show how anti-maskers, anti-lock downs and anti-vaccines are total boofheads, and despite constantly saying not scared they are, and how the rest of us are sheep. They show how INCREDIBLY stupid they are.

One idiot actually said “Jesus wasn’t vaccinated”. Yes, this is true, but also Jesus:

  • he walked on water
  • he turned water into wine
  • he either fed 500 people with loaves of bread, or fish. I can’t remember which way round.

Can you do that? No. Jesus, was a mythical being, the literal son of a God, who healed the sick and died when he was 33. I highly doubt that Jesus, would have told Pastors and the Churches to throw people out if they dare to wear a mask. And I really doubt that Jesus would tell you to not to get vaccinated or wear masks. He kind of liked to help people.