Thanks for the laughs!

I don’t know how many of you keep with Australian news, over the past week or so there are have been some people who are completely outraged that the QLD government have decided to take the gender off of their drivers licences. Now I love Queensland, it’s a gorgeous place and I was expecting these kind of reactions. The other things a lot of other states in Australia don’t have their genders. Also QLD had already started taking off genders a couple of years ago with new drivers.

However, there was one reaction that has me honestly cracking up. Someone asked why having genders on a drivers licence was SO important anyway, what use is it? There was one guy who said that the LGBTQ community and lefties were trying to take away their masculinity and make us all the same…Then I couldn’t stop with the images of men going around shoving their drivers licences in people’s face going “I AM A MAN”…I haven’t been able to stop laughing since.

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