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Captain Marvel delivers a perfect answer to her trolls

This articles says exactly what I’m thinking, very literally in some parts.

Captain Marvel has been doing so well all over the world and at the box office, absolutely smashing through what her “critics” said. I don’t if you all heard about Rotten Tomatoes, “men” who hadn’t even seen the movie didn’t like what Brie Larson had been saying. They thought putting the movie down on Rotten Tomatoes, would somehow make the film fail? They did the same thing to Black Panther. Didn’t work then, didn’t work now. Isn’t going to work little MRA’s. It got so bad that Rotten Tomatoes have NOW taken the steps to make sure that people can’t review a movie before it’s actually released.

Captain Marvel hit by online trolls – But Disney was ready

Smile, trolls…You’ll look so much prettier.




I can’t believe that I’ve missed this!

I am a HUGE Marvel fan and I do have to say that I am enjoying them a lot more than the DC series…Even though I love both the different worlds. (Harley Quinn is my favourite).

The Marvel movies just seem to be that little more “extra”. As someone pointed out, Marvel have been taking years to do their movies, whereas DC are coming out all at once. Even with the little extra bits that Marvel give you during the end credits, it just makes it a little more ‘special’.

Are you a DC or a Marvel fan? Are you enjoying one set of movies over the others, or are you enjoying them pretty much the same? Or do you just flat out hate one, or both?


SDCC or San Diego Comic Convention was just held over the past weekend, and is probably the biggest “Nerd Convention” held all year! Unfortunately being Australian means it is a VERY expensive trip, but it is something that is on my “bucket list”

One of the things that is free though are the trailers…Oh soooooo many trailers! So many lovely movie trailers. So many lovely DC and Marvel movie trailers, I have been watching them obsessively over the last couple of days and I am so excited about all the movies coming out!!!

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I am SO excited! As others have said Baby Groot is Love, Baby Groot is Life…This trailer almost makes up for 2016…Almost,lol

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Published on 3 Dec 2016

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The Apocalypse!…A review

I saw it! I saw the new X-Men film … X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 – IMDb … and it was glorious!

I’ll start out with a little of my background when it comes to X-Men and there will be spoilers in this review.

I LOVE X-Men, I used to constantly watch the 80’s television show and I now have the whole series on DVD. When the first lot of X-Men come out in the early 00’s, I was so excited to watch them, especially when I realised that they were going to have Rogue…Only to have my heart broken…Rogue is my girl…Rogue is probably my favourite female character of all time (except for River Song and Harley Quinn) Rogue’s the one I have loved the most…And they ruined her!

I refused to watch the new series of X-Men movie, but I can honestly say that they are a really good bunch of films. X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely a movie to get out and see, especially on the big screen. They have made up for the mistakes of the past and I trust that is Bryan Singer was to bring in a Rogue, she would be great. I am worried that these movies may not do as well because of the previous set of films.

The film also isn’t all about Jennifer Lawrence which I did notice was a big concern, with all the trailers making it seem like it was Mystique and the X-Men. I didn’t feel like that at all. She is a big character in the movie, but I felt like it was evenly placed all around. I didn’t feel like a single character was getting more screen time than other actors. Note, this is just my opinion, to some others, Jennifer Lawrence may get a lot of screen time.

I also loved Evan Peters and Kodi Smit-McPhee as Quicksilver and Nightcrawler. I thought that they were actually quiet perfect, especially Kodi Smit-Mcphee, he really did make me believe that he was Nightcrawler, from the 80’s, like he had popped out from the screen.

Please get out and see this movie…You will not regret it!

Civil War

One of my “birthday presents” over the weekend was to see Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War“.

Now I am going to start this off with saying that this will not have any spoilers in it. Even though there was a character in it that I thought hadn’t been mentioned in any of the other trailers, apparently they were. I had to rewatch the trailers and, yes, they were there but extremely briefly. I must have been literally blinking at the times this character was shown. Because of this though I am not going to talk about this character, just in case you missed the character as well.

I am going to start off with saying that I have actually never watched any of the other Captain America movies…Yes, I know it’s shocking and I was worried that I would have no idea what was going on. It wasn’t too bad though and I think this was something to do with it was a Avenger movie really, with just a really strong story focus on Captain America and more of his past. I honestly also believe that they kept Thor and the Hulk out of this one because it would then make it an Avengers movies. If they keep at least a couple of them out, then it’s not officially an Avengers movie?

It is a great movie, I don’t think we would have expected anything less. Captain America vs Iron Man…It’ll be interesting to see whose side viewers will take. I know I came out liking a totally different character to the one I liked before. Do be prepared for a lot of country and place switching though…One moment they’re in London, the next they’re in Switzerland or something.

Apart from that it was a really good movie, good explanation of how the Captain and Iron Man come to really hash it out. Some good motivation of future possible characters demise? There is also a lot more one-on-one fighting between the heroes rather than involving and destroying a whole city. Which is also a theme throughout the movie, the catalyst if you will for the whole set-up.

Spider”man”…Oh my goodness! He was fantastic! Much MUCH more likeable and much more realistic to believe that he’s a teenager rather than some moody 30 year old playing him. Much more innocence. I might actually go see his Spiderman movies.

4 out of 5 books…The constant switching of places around the world made me not able to settle in and get involve.

Age of Ultron…My Review (attempt)

Finally my partner and I gave into our nerdy side and we saw the new “Avengers” movie “Age of Ultron”…I felt like I needed to write this, because it seems like during the press junkets, they are getting such a bad wrap and I want people to still see this movie. It just seems such a shame these days that social media can make or break a movie these days, instead of letting people to just…escape…

For a sequel movie (which I had to remind myself since so many of Marvels’ movies are now interlinked) it was great! I always have a little fear going into sequels, they tend to either be really great or they are really horrible. Now the other thing is though I haven’t yet seen any of the Captain America movies and you will definitely have to see those movies to get some of the references.

What I liked most about this movie is though it manages to show each character from a different angle, it gave a deeper showing of each characters motivations and background, without dragging away from the story. The movie kept moving and you didn’t even notice the “breaks”. That’s what I love most about movies the chance to escape from reality. When someone can do that and give the characters depth while still moving the story and plot along, I just think that is genius!

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Superhero Facts!

I saw this video and found it extremely interesting to watch and loving Superheroes and hearing some facts that, were in fact, shocking. One of them I just cannot believe that I haven’t heard people talk about before (mainly relating to Spiderman). If you love Superheroes and you think that you know all there is too know…Guess again!

Here are 7 Kickass Superhero facts you (probably) don’t know…