I know that most of my readers are not big on regrets, but this isn’t really about regrets. It’s just about what are simples wishes you have, that would make your life happier? Not like the lottery type wishes, but like, here are couple of mine:

  • Do up the backyard, so that the bees come.
  • Do up the spare room, so there is something interesting to look outside the window.
  • Just draw reasonably well. Being a visual person, I get a lot of images in my head.
  • Become affiliate on Twitch.
  • Finish that novel.

Wishes that keep you going on the “bad” days.


Happy Birthday JRR Tolkien

I have to say I wish that JRR Tolkien was alive today…and not in a terrifying Zombie, completely full-formed.

Fans WorldWide toast JRR Tolkien twelfty seventh birthday

I love what JRR Tolkien honoured us with and sharing with us, his beautiful magical world. Do we deserve this beautiful world? Probably not, but he shared it with us anyway.

I am not really a Potterhead and I really only love Aslan in Narnia. I like both those series, but there is something just that little bit more to Tolkien’s world for me, personally.

Sad Samwise Gamgee GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Do you all have a favourite “World”



“The Dress”

For many little girls we imagine a lot of things, the perfect guy, the perfect house (or in my case, a castle), being the perfect mother, having the perfect Lion best friend, like Rajah from Aladdin…Okay…I digress…Any-ways, there is one other that that little dreamt about…The “princess dress”.

For many of those wondering, this is a “Fact” that I can guarantee that no matter what, every single little girl had a similar dream. I mean it may not have involved a castle, a prince and a whole lot of singing animals, but we all would have that ‘dream’ outfit. A dress, a skirt, a sports outfit…There would have been some kind of outfit going on.

That dress that can make everything better, that dress that fits you perfectly, no matter who nasty a breakup, no matter a argument with your best friend…The dress that makes it all melt away…I think that I have found mine! Unfortunately, I keep having more and more problems with it =S I’ve had to send it back twice and now I am just giving it to a dressmaker friend to fix up. I just keep getting one with a dodgy zip…The best thing though? It was under $40!

It is a well-known fact that when a girl finds that dress, that perfect outfit, everything else just melts away, like there are no other problems in the whole entire world…It hurts how good I look in this dress ~.^

Here’s a picture of the dress, if you press it you can go to the site where it comes from =D I also LOVE that the dress is called “Goddess”…I feel completely like a Goddess in this dress.


50 Characters…

This is my 50th post and it just happens to fall on Magic Monday so I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate.

I found a list of 50 characters from the movies that are based on real life people. Some of these characters have really shocked me. Shocked me because I was really surprised by how many characters that I had assumed were created from complete imagination, are not! Some of these characters have seemed far too disturbed to possibly have ever been real!

Some of the characters that I was either assumed to find out that they were real or how they were perceived by their ‘creators’ and how the characters came to life and here are my top 10:

Dorian Gray


Krusty the Klown!

Boris Lermontov (The Red Shoes…One of my favourite films!)

Miss Piggy

Ebenzer Scrooge (although I can kind of guess how this one happened!)

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Emily Rose (The Exorcism)

Severus Snape

Indiana Jones

Enjoy the list I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Source: Kinnear, S 2013 , 50 movie characters you won’t believe are real people‘, Total Film 2013, Blog, posted Dec 13th 2013.

Check out the link: 50 movie characters you won’t believe are real people