A little lesson about “mainstream” for the bigots out there.

EVERYTHING in this world, this is accepted NOW. Once had to become mainstream for it be currently accepted as the “norm”.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s simple logic and facts. Like, I can’t believe that I have to write a blog post, because idiots out there don’t understand that we all once, whatever group we’re in currently in now. Had to become mainstream, in order for the world to PROGRESS forward. Except for white men, even saying that though, being white started off as a mutation, did you know that?

When something becomes mainstream, it simply means the MAJORITY of people are now accepting that group. Which IS progression, it IS progressive as a society. Heck, some people out there, including other women, don’t like that it’s become mainstream for women to have a career AND a family.

Mainstream is also representative of the times, and one should look to the younger generation to see what’s “hip and cool” lol. As I mentioned before, even these days, some people thinking that women working and having families isn’t okay. That started to become more mainstream during the War years. When young women, wives and mothers had to start working while the men were away. Before that it was, in fact, mainstream for women to stay at home.

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Just so you know

There is no such thing as a “nice” terf. A Terfs whole mission is to abuse, degrade and eliminate a group of people. That’s it. Terfs aren’t there to be nice to the people they don’t like? That’s like saying there are nice white supremacist…No, they are not. Their entire aim is to degrade and “eliminate” a group of people, a minority of an already minority group.

If you see anyone wearing or have in their bios, LGB only. That generally means that they are anti-tran. TERF’s are also, normally, gay themselves. So homosexuals and lesbians. I don’t think I’ve actually met an asexual or a pansexual etc, who are. Doesn’t mean that they’re not.

I’m bringing this up, as a couple of days ago a TERF was outraged that one of Scotlands biggest gay clubs kicked a TERF out because they were wearing a top that had LGB on it. Now this gay club is trans inclusive. So I don’t know why they thought that’d be a great idea! Then they wanted to play victim, saying things like “Think, real hard, who the majority are in the LGBT community”. So we told them “Think, real hard, about Stone wall”. I told her to think about Stone wall and she be paying homage to the trans community, who were the forebears who made the gay community more safer. For her ungrateful overly-privileged bratty bigoted lesbian ass, to be safe.

The other thing I said to her was “So why, should I, as a straight person, fight for the gay community? Straight is the majority and quiet frankly her attitude is the one doing harm. I don’t want to fight for her”.

As for trans people being the minority, well I am not surprised. You have to be REALLY sure of yourself to be trans. They are hated by the straight community and their own. I can’t imagine why more aren’t just “coming out”.

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Majority…Or not…

I got into a “discussion” with a distant relative about the Brexit debacle. I had said I didn’t understand why everyone was attacking Theresa May, she warned them, they were all warned and the Brexit Leaver Leaders have all now scarped, but she still is plugging on. My relative called her spineless and it’s what the UK majority voted for. Which is true, but it;s not what the majority want now and has it comes out, most didn’t even understand what they were even voting for.

Now they have a way out and my relative called her gutless for considering it. Not the people who lead the Brexit movement, but the one who said it shouldn’t be done. The majority don’t want it now. I think they literally thought that it wont be “Okay, bye”…None of them thought about the actual process. I doubt they knew what was going to be entailed. It doesn’t help that the people who wanted Brexit, made the plans and then ran when it got to hard.

Brexit regrets? – Washington Post

Where I was actually going with that though my relative STILL think he makes the majority. Even though there are articles everywhere saying that he is not. The overall turn out for the original was a 72.21 percent of the voting population. Considering how close the vote was Leave 51.89% and Remain 48.11% It wasn’t exactly a landslide victory either.

Yes, I can concede the fact that the majority of voters voted for Brexit. However, it’s like I said to him that everyone else is laughing at them and not because of Theresa May. We are not laughing at the UK because of Theresa May, we laughing for the same reasons we laugh at America. Despite the warnings, YES, the majority of Voters voted for Trump… Maybe… Well see where this Russian investigation goes. The UK find themselves in the exact same position as the US. They were warned and they listened to cult leaders, who don’t actually give a crap about the people. Where are all the Trump leaders now, most either quit or are in currently up for jail, or have been in jail. Where are all the Pro-Brexit leaders? They’re gone too!


Brexit Leaders “Leaving The Boat” BBC

The Majority

I read a post recently and I had to unfollow the Blogger and her posts, but it was for a very unusual reason. I have this weird “thing” (don’t know if you would call it a habit or what) but when someone groups a bunch of people together or says something like “the majority of people on this post/blog” etc. It instantly turns me off, as a lot of the times I haven’t actually agreed with what the writer has even written.

For more a perspective on what I’m talking about I will give people a bit of a warning and a heads up. If you don’t like “wolf-whistling” turn away now!!! …

I don’t get morally outraged at a wolf whistle, I just don’t and sometimes it has made my day. For example, I had an ex who was literally telling me I should be more like the other girls “I should dress more like this girl” or “Why can’t you do your nails like this girl”. So you know one time I went for a walk and I got wolf-whistled by a guy. Just me, just little old why-can’t-I-be-like-all-the-other-girls got wolf whistled and I am not ashamed to say that it made me feel better and I went home that day instead of staying with the guy who thought I should be like the “other girls”. I am now with a guy who makes me feel so beautiful that when someone does wolf whistle me it doesn’t phase me.

Now guaranteed if some person wolf whistled and said “Show me your t&its” I would think that person is gross, but I would just keep walking, it wouldn’t upset my day. It makes me feel “unwomanly” though when other woman get morally outraged at me that I don’t get offended by it. I just don’t. I think there are definitely worse things you can say to a woman than a wolf whistle. I just don’t let strangers affect me? I am more affected by my boyfriend telling me that I should be somebody else.

Back to the topic, even in High School I was like that. I might be showing my age by sharing this with you all by when everyone else like Taylor Hanson, I liked Isaac. When everyone else like Nick Carter, I liked Brian. I think that it’s one of my weirdest thought patterns.