The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles

“The Songs of Achilles” – Madeline Miller

The Breakdown:

Another Madeline Miller classic novel of her interpretation of an Ancient Greece tale.

Some compare it to the Iliad, but it’s not like that at all. It focused solely on the ancient Greek Hero, Achilles. So do not pick this book up if that’s what you are expecting. Set from Achilles childhood…until…well hopefully there are not spoilers for you…His death. It’s about his friendship with his childhood friend Patroclus on their journey to come to Troy.


This is not really a prequel to Madeline Millers “Circe”, however I felt like it really stood on it’s own. What I personally enjoy most about reading, is when you go read a book and just keep reading it. This is what this books offers. When you write a character growing from child to adult, with all the feelings of a growing human being. You don’t want it to start and stop, you need it to flow, need it to make sense. Madeline Miller is a perfect writer when it comes to this.

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What I have loved about all of Madeline Millers novels is that you can tell she has done the research. Even though she is a modern writer, she still is holding true to the classic stories. The rules and roles of the Gods, but with a twist…I loved the relationship twist that come with it. I have to say that I think it may be my first LGBT romance…Apart from Mangus Bane. I was thinking about it and I don’t think I’ve read a book yet where the main characters are gay. It was a beautiful love story too.


The only real negative thing I could say about this book was that I kept expecting it to be “Circe” and it wasn’t. Although I completely enjoyed the book, I felt like it was a little slower than Circe. I actually wish that I read Achilles first, because I was expecting it to be more like Circe. They are both really fantastic books and I love them both. You can tell the difference of writing between them both. There is 6 years between the two and one can tell.

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Oh my Circe!

I have to admit that I could not wait to write about this one! Isn’t that a fantastic feeling?! When you are actually excited to write about a review.

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The Breakdown:

Are you a lover of the Ancient stories? Have you ever wanted to read something else, other, than about Zeus, Cleopatra? Do you like the Ancient drama and intrigue? Well, this is the book for you!

This book is all about the Greek Goddess/Witch Circe. It is an life story of the Circe from the beginning…Is there an end though? After all she is a Greek Goddess, well a Titan Goddess. If you love the Ancient Greek World…This book is for you!

The Positive:

The positive parts of this book, is well, honestly, everything! The written was beautiful and I can’t even remember thinking to myself at all about any spelling mistakes. This included the grammar too, once I started reading, I was able to keep reading it happily. I loved how the story flowed as well, I never once felt like I was getting bored while I was reading it. The story kept going and the story was good.

One of the best bits I find about a book is when you are done with it, you want even more! Once I had finished reading Circe, I then went onto doing some research about her. Having read the Odyssey in high school, I was familiar with her story regarding her time with Odysseus. That was it though. What a fascinating creature Circe is!

The Negative:

I feel terrible for saying this and such a cop out. I couldn’t really find anything negative to say about the book. Its has to be one of the best books that I’ve read all year so far. I am off to the Library to put a hold “The Song of Achilles”.