19. Health

In all honesty I have REALLY been struggling with this one, mainly because the last couple of years have been not great for me. I am talking about both physically and mentally my health has been all over the place and it’s only been the last couple of months I feel like it’s been getting better again.

Which makes it, as you can understand, hard to speak gratefully about Health, when I’ve been so unlucky with it.

I guess the one thing that I can say that I am grateful for, is that my body is still ticking. My body is still walking, I may have trouble with it sometimes, but it keeps going. I keep going…Which is something to be very grateful for, which I sometimes am. I can still trust my body most of the time. I am very lucky, that I am generally healthy and when it’s not I can handle mostly what it thrown at me, it keeps ticking over.


Quietly I’m sitting watching you,
I hope that you don’t find it creepy or weird,
I just can’t believe that we are lying here like this,
Six months ago, my life was completely different,

I can’t believe that I could feel like this,
Not so soon, not after everything else…and yet here we are,
In our little world, keeping the rest of the world shut out,
Who am I so lucky? How did this happen?