Lucid Dreams

So last night I had a “lucid dreams“. Now a lucid dream is where you are asleep and you are having a dream but you feel like you are in it, like real life. Everything you can touch, you can feel and you can clearly see what is happening. Even after you have woken up, for the first couple of minutes after you have woken up you feel like you are still in the event.

I have lucid dreams a LOT…Like I honestly need to learn how to draw with how active my mind is! I have images running through my head all day and all night it feels like. Greek philosopher Aristotle observed: “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream”. One of my most common lucid dreams is when I am in a new relationship and I have a ‘lucid dream’ and if I wake up upset, it usually means that I care and if I’m not upset usually means that I don’t.


(This is a pretty good example of what I do,lol)


Dreams are pretty magical things are they not? Well…sometimes they can be your worst nightmare. You can be in such an amazingly awesome place and then one night you’ll have a horrible dream or nightmare and it affects you for the whole day.

Not every thing Magical in this world is a good kind of Magic. There are bad witches, bad wizards, bad fairies and there are definitely bad dreams…or also known as “Nightmares”. As much as nightmares are truly horrible, they are also an essential part of dreaming. Sometimes (like the one I had last night) they can make you unaware of feelings or situations that you either don’t want to deal with or hadn’t realised that you need to deal with.

If you are like me, my dreams, whether they are good or bad, they tend to be really lucid. A lucid dream is where you can feel, touch and taste everything. It feels SO real that sometimes, in the first couple of minutes after you wake up you still think that it’s happening. I can’t even begin too tell you how many times I have woken up from dreams and they have stayed with me for days after. I even had a dream diary at one stage that I still have and read from time to time…I should really start one again…

Uploaded on 30 Dec 2007. YouTube User: Katie Parnell