Talk to yourself<3 Nurt Thursday

Nurt Thurs – Talk to Yourself

We are own worst critics, no doubt.

Sometimes what I think we need to do, is sit down by ourselves with a nice drink…alcoholic or non…all up too you, whatever makes you feel good. Listen to some good music and just talk to yourself. It might sound a little crazy, but sometimes when I need to talk but I don’t know what to say I do, actually talk to myself. Socially, I am awkward. Sometimes I need to speak to myself so I know what it is I am actually thinking,lol

Sing along to your favourite song, and let the feelings fall.

Get yourself in front of that mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you truly are ❤

Talk to yourself that you would with the kindness and love that you would show another ❤

Linda M Hayes

Love. Your. Single. —

Let me just set my scene for ya: I’m sitting on my bed putting together the flood of thoughts running through my head for this specific blog post. I just finished cleaning my house (and I mean booooy did I clean….like actually cleaned…not just a liiiiittle….I went all out ya’ll….I’m adulting out here). I baked […]

via Love. Your. Single. —

*A lovely beautifully written piece to love yourself even when your single! Ain’t nothing wrong with that!*

Money doesn’t equal happiness

If you haven’t heard or don’t know who James Packer is (I am sure that most of probably have some idea who he is). James Packer is a very rich…VERY…rich businessman and investor. You might know him most recently from his engagement to Mariah Carey.

Recently though he decided to resign his positions because of mental health issues.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Justin Bieber and Hailey (Hayly?) Baldwin engagement. Only a couple of months after they broke up with their respective partners. Also known as “serial daters” Does anyone REALLY believe in their love? Also #selenaisfreeparty (I think she’s already had that party).

It just went to show me that you can all the money and all the resources at your feet. Neither does money give you happiness or love. I think the kindest thing James Packer has every done for others is too resign, or take leave. It shows to a lot more people that mental health can affect anyone no matter the circumstances. You can everything and still need help. More self love.

A bit too heavy for the morning?

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Who says…I love you! <3

Just wanted to say I do love you people on WordPress…Your support has meant a lot to me. Just being able to discuss all sorts of things! This is for you all ❤ Play it loud!

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Published on 4 Mar 2011

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What a horrible week!

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Apart from a lovely a visit from my baby brother, everything else has gone horribly wrong!

I do have to say that I have been loving the responses to my Liebsters Award post and how its not just myself that has some good plush love happening! In a totally G rated capacity…(that could have been weird!lol)

Below is a picture of myself and my latest purchase…Her name is Savannah and she is a “Charlie Bear“, but I had to go on ebay to find her. They’ve all discontinued her year. I bought her because she looked just the right size for some cuddling and I also bought her in memory and in honour of all the little lion cubs that I’ve seen and we’ve lost on safarilive

Lions have always been my favourite and top 5 favourite animals of all time!


Meant to be?

Simply meant to be

We all know this song …Well if you’re a Disney and Tim Burton fan.

It’s very romantic, a lot of people say they and their partner are “just meant to be”.

What does it mean though, if you break up? Does that mean you were never meant to be?

I don’t necessarily think so.

I believe that we are meant to meet ALL the people we have met in our lives. Whether that be romantic or friendly, even our co-workers and even the horrible people we unfortunately will all encounter in our lives. Just because one relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you were never “meant to be”. You were meant to be…Just not forever. Sometimes that may not even be the case. I know a couple of people who broke up when they were younger, but go back together years and years later. Not that I’m saying that will happen for everyone.

So please don’t stay in a relationship because you think it’s “meant to be”. Even when all the signs and your own self tell you that it’s not. You are just wasting time to find the one you are actually meant to be with.

I’ve noticed in my life and through my own experiences how dangerous it can to have this mentality where from the first date they’re just simply meant to be. Especially if it’s an abusive relationships and the amount of people who think they were “meant to be”…You were ‘meant to be with an abuser forever’?…You sure about that?

Recently current beau and I we were talking about, if this or this had never happened, then we would have never met. We went from each our parents meeting, to even the end of my recent toxic friendships. Although my Mum dared me to go on a dating site, it was my ex best friend who suggested the site. As she had used it numerous times before (To this day I wish ONE of them had worked out for her. Instead of the douchebag she’s with now) so she knew how to use it. So my friendship with her was “meant to be”.


Conservatives and “Need all the guns” Americans listen up.

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David Hogg (or any of the children) calling you evil (and you not liking being called evil) does not mean they are in the wrong…Guess what because you support evil people, that makes you complicit. Unless you denounce what these people have said, you are absolutely complicit and stand with them.

  1. Dana Loesch bizarees threatening “Times Up” video
  2. Ted Nuggent (nugget) calling children soulless…as well as other things, because he doesn’t agree with them.
  3. Jamie Allman saying he (and his friends) would like to shove a pole up David Hogg’s backside.
  4. Laura Ingraham…While maybe nothing she’s said, so far, is “evil” but putting down people by bringing up irrelevant things.
  5. The conservatives who say they wanted to help, but these children are just so disparaging, that they just can’t.

This is literally what we think you do, when you do NOTHING to denounce these people and their words…YOU ARE COMPLICIT!

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