Stupid – Loud

Anyone notice that the stupidest people are always the loudest too?

Take nearly every single male politician leader, haha

People who were (and are still) going on and on and on, about Dr Seuss saying “What’s offensive about Green Eggs and Ham” Well it’s not, that’s why it’s still being published. I have now have two thoughts about why they are stopping republishing those 6 books. They are offensive, but also I doubt many people, if any, still buy them. As time went on, it kept coming out that Conservatives and the really stupid people don’t even HAVE the 6 books. So what are they getting so upset about?

Candace Owen, is just, well … stupid. I don’t even know how to get that list down!lol. But she keeps talking.

Am I the only one, even as a kid that found Pepé Le Pew creepy. He is totally creepy. People keep posting that if you find Pepé Le Pew offensive, well you’re a special kind of stupid meme. Like how is finding a male character pretty much sexually assaulting’s a female character NOT offensive? The stupidest ones were the ones who pointed that she turned the table on him. THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER! A female sexualizing assaulting a male, isn’t any better…Is it? That is the only Pepé Le Pew “schtick”.

Then there’s Debbie Hayton. She is my inspiration for this post. She’s a transsexual (I think. Debbie doesn’t even know what and who Debbie is). Debbie is a transsexual, who is a BIG transphobe and bootlicker of the TERFs. Sad thing, they have no problem using her because she’s trans, but they don’t like or respect her. What did she do? She works at a school and recently on Twitter through Graham Linehan, decided it would be completely okay to post families and schools that are trying to help trans kids, cope. What she thinks is her biggest problem though, is twitter banning her.


Ego Media

I started to write this post, after witnessing some transphobic people. Also, though after watching Echkart Tolle and Brand Russell talk about this sort of thing.

As time has been going on and on more, I have been starting to see on generally all social media platforms that people’s ego’s are taking over, just a little but by little bit…Not anyone’s on here…But you know about how people who yell the loudest, get heard. That’s how I feel about social media right.

When I take a gander at Trump Supporters, Transphobia, or any general bigoted or Conservative account. They’re always “loud”. By loud I don’t mean, they’re necessarily TYPING LIKE THIS, ALL THE TIME…They generally say something really blatantly obviously stupid, but they will always get the most likes. Yet, anyone whose sane or rational will get a couple, if they’re lucky.


For all these loud accounts, when you see them do something in public, like anti-mask “protest”, anti-trans “protests”. Despite them getting thousands of “likes” for their tweets. They may actually get out in public, 20 people…at roughly the most. So WHY do they get so many likes? If you truly believe that you’re not doing anything wrong, why aren’t they getting out there?

That’s why I personally call social media “Ego Media” now. I feel like we can change that perspective though! Let them all go to Parler. They seem to want to go, but I have yet to see anyone actually delete their Twitter account. I think we can change it, but being simply and quietly positive. Be so positive, it will drive them nuts!lol


Girl Power!

I am SO happy to report that my friend who for one second seemed to want to go back to her emotionally abusive ex (they are all as bad as each other). Has decided NOT to and is already going out on another date!

I am SO proud of her, I know how hard this is for her. Being single is one of the worst things that can happen to her, I’m fine being single, she HATES it.

Being someone who is perfectly fine being single, I’ve never really understood those who would be willingly to go back to a relationships that is just unhealthy. I would love to understand it, I love being in my relationships, but if it’s time to go…It’s time to go. My friend is incredibly smart and strong, I guess we can’t all be perfect though ~.^

I post this video in honour of my friend (she would hate anything poppy and girly!lol)

Joan Jett “Bad Reputation”

Study! How to

I am in the middle of a huge research project so this isn’t going to be a huge “Fact Friday” today. What a better topic to write about though than studying! It’s a massive fact of life, at some point everybody will be in school…Or even schooling from the school of life! Which I think it is a completely legitimate school in itself.

So how do you study? Do you need completely quiet, can you study in a noisy workplace. Personally I need something quietly playing in the background while I’m studying. Is it’s too quiet my mind will start to wander and wonder, if it’s too loud I can’t concentrate on the studying.

WikiHow has some great ideas on how to study. They give advice on how to study alone and studying in a group.

College Humor have created this really funny parody about studying.

Published on 6 Jun 2012

Gotye sings about losing what’s most important to us all: basic math and spelling skills.

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