Positive Vibes

Spending a couple of days off of the Twitter and I’m already feeling so much better. You come off and remember how the real world is doing ‘okay’.

Take Rowling as a quick example, she hasn’t won anything. She “helped” to sue Stonewall, they lost. She tried to get the Scottish GRR stopped, it passed. What a loser! The only thing she did “win” was saying that basically transphobia is a protected belief. But that’s it. One, it was confirmed that it is, in fact a belief. Two, the Judge did say that it’s not an excuse to harass people.

She is such a loser.

The only real problem with Rowling, is that far right wing extremists are using her as a tool, and also, unfortunately a lot of them are in charge and can make policies. If it wasn’t for that, she would be nothing but a big loser like Trump.

I am tad over hearing about how “bad” Rowling is being treated. She’s a loser, she sits in her castle, behind a computer, a fiction writer and that’s it. She’s not trans, neither is she a medical or health professional, she keeps losing. The majority SUPPORT trans people, so why should we care?

Start talking to trans people.



Someone may want to remind Trump, he lost. He seems to have forgotten that. TEAM USA won Bronze, Trump just lost. Oh, that’s Bronze ie THIRD, in the world.

“They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again,” Trump fumed. Where are the “Patriots” winning? The only way they’re “winning” is because the Republican Party and Trump take NO responsibility. But they’re not actually “winning” Like, we can all see how the Republicans are losing their strong hold in the US. They’re just a bunch of whiners really.

And what is Rowling trying to “win”? Winning at being the country whose the most discriminatory towards trans people?

What is it with bigoted people and saying “winning” all the time? What is it they *think* they’re winning exactly?

If they’re in to “win” at being the most horrible people on the planet, sure. Give them the gold medal.

False Victories…Trumpter Logic #27

One thing I have noticed about Trump supporter is their instant to claim…

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Take for example:

Covington Boys suing varies media and people – This was a win to Trumps supporter, they had won because they were suing people. Except, you can sue anyone for anything. You have to actually WIN the case first. And it’s not going so well at the moment.

Covingtons teens $250 suit against the Washington Post dismissed

They still have other sue suits waiting, but I wouldn’t call a case being dismissed a “win” to start off with. If just taking the action of suing someone is a “win”. Then I guess Trumps lost…a lot.

Another example – ICE “arresting”, more like raiding, a Koch foods warehouse and rounding up 600 people. Then a whole lot of Trump supporters revelling in the misery of that child’s tears “Your parent were here illegally”. “Your parents took American jobs” “Do you have something against endorsing the Law” (Despite the Koch Food owners not being part of the 600.) Then about 48 hours later, half were released. Like they didn’t even know who they were looking for. Who wants to take a bet none of them were here illegally because they were from a country, like Europe, and they were overstaying their Visa’s.

I don’t know about you…I don’t call separating families and getting it half wrong a “win”. It was just more proof that they are the racist idiots, we already think they are. Getting one person wrong is not a win…Let me guess ICE thought they all just looked alike, so they just took them all?


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Someone needs to explain to me what it is with Trump supporters and real life “losers”…People who have lost, people who have lost while trying to be cruel, or people who have lost due to their stupidity?

How is this acceptable?

Decade in the Red: 

I write this post as well, at this time…Because we also have a “billionaire” who ‘stiffed’ Australian workers and was bailed out by the Government. Who also is running for Government. He is also gaining popularity…Why? Do people realise that these people stiffed workers, stiffed American and Australian workers? The same people they say they are working for? How dumb can you be? You know how you can make America or Australia, great? By NOT stiffing workers and paying them so then they can put money back into the system. That’s how it works. People can’t put money into the system, if they don’t have the money to put into the system.

I don’t honestly know how these “people” justify it to themselves. Clive Palmer owes workers about $7 million and he owes the Government about $60 million…But has spent about $40 million in campaigning.

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