It’s okay to lose a little of yourself

Personally, I felt like I a lost a little of myself during COVID, and you know what? That’s alright. I didn’t lose any of the important “stuff”. I would agree with some, that I have become harder, but not with the important things. I still cry a lot, lol.

I just think my quality of life is improving.

Our souls are like lizards and snakes, we shed them sometimes when we no longer need them…Okay, that sound really gross, but you know what I mean, right? We shed the old skin, but we still keep intact, and the important stuff human or snake still remains =D So it’s all good =D

It’s a metaphor, haha.

The important thing is to keep moving and shed when needed, because you do need to shed once in a while. You can’t keep the old skin, like with skin and lizards, if that skin doesn’t shed properly, it can actually be quiet painful.

Such a great metaphor, lol

Also Happy Birthday Charles Dickens

“Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope -into a better shape…”

Great Expectations

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Someone may want to remind Trump, he lost. He seems to have forgotten that. TEAM USA won Bronze, Trump just lost. Oh, that’s Bronze ie THIRD, in the world.

“They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again,” Trump fumed. Where are the “Patriots” winning? The only way they’re “winning” is because the Republican Party and Trump take NO responsibility. But they’re not actually “winning” Like, we can all see how the Republicans are losing their strong hold in the US. They’re just a bunch of whiners really.

And what is Rowling trying to “win”? Winning at being the country whose the most discriminatory towards trans people?

What is it with bigoted people and saying “winning” all the time? What is it they *think* they’re winning exactly?

If they’re in to “win” at being the most horrible people on the planet, sure. Give them the gold medal.

Segregation is live and well…

In Tennessee…

Tennessee law mandating transgender bathroom use signage ‘unconstitutional’, lawyer says – WKRN

The Lawyer is 100% correct.

Also, these sorts of “signs” don’t actually stop people from being attacked from actual predators. It’s infuriating, as woman, to know this would do NOTHING to protect women. It’s just pure evil. PREDATORS DON’T CARE ABOUT BATHROOM SIGNS. NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL.

What REALLY pisses me off about all transphobic people. They define women by what men aka the patriarchy have defined women and females as for literal centuries. That we are nothing more than our “sex”. Yet, a lot of transphobic people look at this as a win for feminism. It’s really not. I can’t begin to tell how NOT a win this is.

Let alone, especially how many butch lesbians get kicked out of the women’s for being to “manly” looking. It’s not a win for anyone.

Us cis ladies HAVE to start standing up more for the trans community. It’s the only way we are ALL protected.


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Someone needs to explain to me what it is with Trump supporters and real life “losers”…People who have lost, people who have lost while trying to be cruel, or people who have lost due to their stupidity?

How is this acceptable?

Decade in the Red: 

I write this post as well, at this time…Because we also have a “billionaire” who ‘stiffed’ Australian workers and was bailed out by the Government. Who also is running for Government. He is also gaining popularity…Why? Do people realise that these people stiffed workers, stiffed American and Australian workers? The same people they say they are working for? How dumb can you be? You know how you can make America or Australia, great? By NOT stiffing workers and paying them so then they can put money back into the system. That’s how it works. People can’t put money into the system, if they don’t have the money to put into the system.

I don’t honestly know how these “people” justify it to themselves. Clive Palmer owes workers about $7 million and he owes the Government about $60 million…But has spent about $40 million in campaigning.

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