The Looong Day (Yesterday)

Does anyone know if Thursday has a “theme”? Like there’s Hump Day on Wednesday, numerous names for Friday and Monday. Are there any names for Tuesday and Thursday?

Yesterday was a long day, and it all started with a text message to my partner letting him know he may have be exposed to COVID, only 24 hours AFTER our 7 day lockdown has finished. He may have been exposed too it a couple of weeks, I was with him through the whole lockdown, and then went back to mine and my Mums. So she had to get tested too, because I had gone back for ONE NIGHT! -.- I can say though, it didn’t really hurt, it was more of a uncomfortable tickle.

It also meant though, I had to sit in a car. Now, anyone whose being reading my blog for a little while now. Will know that I have anxieties being in a car, especially for a long time and especially since you’re not allowed out of your cars when you go through a drive way testing center. I was on high alert, before we even got there. I had all my anxiety tools ready to go.

We pretty much were in and out. My mum thinks it’s because we got it done close to our home instead, and it’s not, what’s called a “hotspot”. So ALL that anxiety for nothing. I was telling my Mum, it’s horrible, lol

It didn’t help either that, my mum is terrible in the car with me, always asking “How are you doing” and my partner knew what she would do, but he decided to take his own car.

Not mentioning that Aunt Flow was knocking at the door, letting me know that she is “coming”.

The whole day I was worried, even though I was 99% sure we were all going to be negative. There’s still that 1%

Later we were all to stressed out to cook, so we got Uber Eats. I still can’t believe what happened there! First we accepted that our driver, had to take another order. Annoying, sure, but we love the food, so not hugely “problematic”. When we finally got it, we realised why they took so long to get to us. Instead of going back, the driver kept going to our place … WITH THE WRONG ORDER! Considering our meal was full of meat, and the meals we got was vegetarian. The driver probably took a while, because the other people yelled at him. When my partner rang the driver, my partner only said and I quote “I think you’ve given us the wrong order” and the driver started yelling at him! Told him it was my partners problem. Most drivers here, if somethings gone wrong, are happy to fix their mistake. The guy even said “I came to the door and had a conversation with you”


My partner told him how we got tested for COVID today and said “Are you saying I come out and had a conversation with you”? The other funny thing was, I was the one who actually came out to get the meal, which was left on the door step. Where it should have been, but I had no conversations with anyone. I wouldn’t, we just got tested for COVID, lol

Too round out the evening my partner got his test results back last night, but I didn’t until after everyone else could have gone to work this morning =/

You all should have seen my brain last night, I even forgot to have my cup of chamomile tea before bed!

Alan Walker


When a weekend becomes a long weekend

I have to start off with apology, I haven’t been very interactive this weekend. I will say that I’m going to try and go over your posts from this weekend, but I can’t make any promises.

This weekend, have been a really weird one. My baby brother was able to finally come over from his state to ours, and we met his really lovely partner. However, Sydney’s COVID has really taken off, and not in a good way. Neither myself or my brother live in Sydney, but we do have family in Sydney. Today over 600 healthcare workers are now in quarantine.

What is frustrating about the Sydney/NSW situation. Since the beginning of COVID. NSW/Sydney leaders, news “journalists”, media personalities from VICTORIA, including Government in Canberra. Have been putting down Victoria and Melbourne, they’ve literally been calling NSW the “Gold Star” standard and they even said that the NSW state leader “saved” Australia. All these people are now starting to delete their tweets, but we wont forget. Once you tweets, it’s out there. They can’t delete the whole “the woman who saved Australia” (from what we still don’t actually know) because that was a whole news, front cover page.

Also, this weekend, I realise how bad my Gran’s dementia has gotten and how bad it is. This is a woman who went overseas to America, to help AIDS and HIV victims, during that pandemic. She then travelled America, in her 50’s alone. She run two libraries, watching over one when they had to move locations. She just knew things, she attuned me to do Reiki … Too scared to be alone in her home for over 10 years. It sad and really weird.

Seriously, I would still prefer cancer over dementia/Alzheimer. What makes it extra frustrating, if you go and talk to her, she seems fine. She can still speak eloquently still, so trying to get a stranger to see that, trying to convince people she needs help, they just don’t believe you, lol. Even her health is fine, her blood tests are good, she’s still got good bone density, and she’s in her 80’s. Yet, she’s constantly calling my mum and my Aunt, and my Uncle’s partner (who lives in Sydney) and she’s crying. I’ve started calling her to give my mum and aunt a break, and I’m thinking of staying a few days.

The biggest problem, is she lives far away, and I don’t drive. Once I leave, she’ll forget I was there. But I would be doing it for my mum and Aunt. Too give them a break. When someone’s there, she’s fine. At the same time though, when she’s had no visitors over that day, that’s when she seems to get lonely and upset? It’s almost like her mind remembers someone was there, but she’s all alone again, and then gets up. Whereas, when she’s had no one over that day, it’s like everything is normal. Well “normal” for her.

Then, my cousins partner had a fall, and when she woke up she couldn’t remember short term stuff. She has three youngish children. 13 and under.

This all happened on the weekend my brother came over and we meet his new partner. His new partner is completely lovely though, and he went through something similar with his own Nan. Which is what got me thinking about staying with her for a few days. She’ll forget I was there, the moment I step out the door. It’s more about me being there, so she’s not so lonely. So she’s not constantly ringing people.

Share Your World … May Week 1

Share Your World

Share Your World … May 1, 2017

Would you rather live where it is always hot or always cold?

Always hot (as long as it’s not too boiling) I could never ever live somewhere where it always cold, I think I would die. I am really not a fan of the cold, it’s horrible getting to and from work and then you have to try and make yourself warm. Thanks to my anxiety, I do much better when I can put the window down, and during Winter you can’t really do that.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 

I have always had long hair, the shortest that I’ve ever had is probably to my shoulders and that was because my Mum “accidentally” cut my hair all lopsided, so we had to keep cutting it to make it even.

What is your favorite month of the year?

Probably December, which surprises people a lot because it’s not my birthday month, but as I’ve mentioned in a previous post. Birthday very rarely go the way that we would like them too. I’m a big Christmas person though, I always enjoy Christmas. Even last year when I had to do a lot of my shopping online because of my anxiety, as I found it hard being in a very full shopping centre, I still enjoyed it…Mainly it’s the people. Also the weather is nice and warm, not too hot yet, but warm enough I can wear skirts and dresses and feel great.

What is the easiest way for your to learn something new?  By reading, by seeing and doing, in a classroom?

I have to kind of see it and do it myself as well, and I probably will take a few times to see it. It’s funny that this question is in here today. As I’m writing this I started training at a new job and I kind of felt thrown in at the deep end today. No one really explained to me how the phone works, the kind of enquiries they get over the phone, and they kept doing that too me! I was getting really annoyed, they didn’t even tell what was then hold and transfer button. All it would have taken is one time for me too see to get it. In all honestly when that happens to me, I don’t learn anything, I panic on the spot and take nothing in.

Share Your World … Week 17

Share Your World

Share Your World … Week 17

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen? 

It honestly depends on what I’m using the writing tool for. If it’s something where I might make a mistake, I try to write it in pencil first and then rewrite over in pen. Most of the time though I am writing in pen.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles?

I love to do word puzzles! I have an app on my phone at the moment, that’s an anagram game. Numeric puzzles are not my “thing” and I don’t mind maze and jigsaw puzzles, I just prefer a word puzzle.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 

I prefer long hair, I’ve had long hair pretty much all of my life. It has been such a love/hate relationships with my hair. I am always getting compliments about my hair, but these days it takes a lot take care of it and it can get knotty really easily at the moment.

List five some of your favorite blogs.

  1. Compassion Kindness … I love reading the inspirational quotes every day. They bring a smile to my face. I tend to like every single thing they post.
  2. Musings from a Tangled Mind … Just reading all her relatable every day posts, makes me grin.
  3. The Orangutan Librarian … Definitely give this one a read! I can’t read them right now because they’ve written a post about Games of Thrones and I haven’t watched it yet.
  4. Bookmark Chronicles … Probably one of my favourite bloggers on here, very inspirational and thoughtful…Please check this one out!
  5. Upon Raven Wings … Beautifully written posts. Please have a read!

This or That … #29


This week I want to know…..

Do you prefer to read short 


Long novels

This isn’t going to be a “long” one, I have a lot of things going on right now and they are cluttering up my brain. I prefer long novels, mainly because you usually can caught up in the story and the character and you can just dream away. Short stories are great when you need a quick escape, but if you want to get really lost, really pulled away, there’s nothing like a good long novel.

Share Your World…Week 37

Share Your World

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be?

  • For my family (or people who feel like family to me) to be taken care for the rest of their lives, without it being ridiculous (like having a gazillion dollars)
  • For their to be a cure for emphysema.
  • To have my dogs live forever =D

What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?

The Blue Mountains in Sydney NSW…Just stunning! I could have stayed there forever. I felt extremely inspired by it, I could have easily written a Lord of the Ring theme type story, but in Australia.

Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders) or extra long (at least halfway down your back)?

I’ve got mine at least halfway down my back at the moment. Every know and then I do have to cut it though, because it starts to get really badly tangled. During Summer it WILL wrap around my throat also, so then I have to get it then as well.

List some of your favorite blogs.