It’s simple, isn’t it.

If a Government can’t feed it’s most vulnerable, children, but a footballer can, that Government is a failure.

Trans people understand about biological sex.

MRAS’ want to control people, TERFs and Gender Criticals also want to control people.

Bigots always accuse others of what they, themselves, do.

Bigots also always use the same old rhetoric for every bigotry, just the year, generation and bigotries changes.

Science changes, with the more we learn and discover. But it is still correct at that time.

Protecting others, helps others and allows humans to thrive (though whether or not that’s a good thing or not, is still up for debate).

Living, laughter and love helps to love yourself.

We live in a global community.

Listening is simple.

This blog post is very simple, lol

Trumpter Logic … Bad vs Bad

One thing that I’ve been noticing¬† a lot more lately with Trump supporters, is their incessant belief that we somehow all liked Trump before he became POTUS. “No one thought Trump was racist before he was POTUS” There were a lot of people who didn’t. I didn’t like him, I found “The Apprentice” entertaining, but it still didn’t make him like him more. He was also completely racist before he was POTUS. I feel like sometimes these people are just from a different planet,

Trumpter Logic 20

Trump Supporters who also claim to be animal lovers or supporters.

Trumps wildlife board claims trophy hunting saves endangered animals 

(After all we all know how killing something, totally saves it?) The Guardian – Environment – Jake Bullinger, 17th July, 2018

Trumps’ War on Wildlife should be a a scandal

New York Magazine – Intelligencer – Nick Tabor, December 29,2018

The 10 Species “Imperiled” by Trump-Era Politics

US News – Civic – National News – Megan Trimble, Dec 27th 2018.





No you don’t

Now bear with me…I don’t think this is going to make sense.¬†

No to people who use the METOO movement” set you off…ie Amber Heard “abused Johnny Depp”…We’ve all seen the video! I don’t believe that Amber Heard is using the “Me Too” movement. People who “go after” people you find attractive, but don’t actually know, set you off. Johnny Depp is a grown ass “man” I don’t care if his mother just died, I don’t care if Amber was winding him up…YOU WALK AWAY! JOHNNY DEPP IS AN ADULT!

You know why we believe her? (Well I do) I believe alcohol and drugs change people, I believe that losing the love of life, changes you, I believe losing your parents, changes you. If he’s SO wonderful, why did Pardis leave him? We just don’t leave amazing men…We just don’t. AND instead of just owing up to what he has clearly done and his part in the marriage. Even if he was to put it down to, it was a volatile relationship and he owned his part in it. Nope, he keeps going on about it, like he’s completely the victim alone, and is now suing Heard…For what? Proves what? If she did, doesn’t mean he didn’t, does it? Heard is not sitting around suing him, she’s out there doing actual work. I think she’s accepted the relationship for what it was and is moving on.

Depp isn’t getting work or isn’t looking bad because of Heard, he’s getting a bad reputation for being a 55 year old “man” and owning up too NOTHING.

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I absolutely believe that that particular relationship was toxic and volatile.

Trumpter Logic 17

I have to say this one made me laugh, a lot.

AOC (hope you all know who she is) wrote about Trump being no different than the guys who used to come to her bar when she was waitress. This extremely proud Trump supporter said that AOC was lying because Trump has never had drink and doesn’t do drugs.

Now I don’t if all that’s true, but…Trumps doing this all SOBER?

He said he’d date his daughter, grab women by the…, treat women like $hit…He was SOBER? This is good because?

But also just because, if it’s true, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t and hasn’t gone into bars, with his supposed “friends”. I’ve never done drugs, other than pain killers. When I was on my anxiety medication, I couldn’t drink, but that didn’t stop me from going out either.

Also was anyone has shocked as I was by the facts saying the violence by the extreme right, was on the raise?

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Trumpter Logic 16

If you hate Trump, he’s the President! You must hate America!

Trump lies about 10 foot wall around Obama’s home

Donald Trump lied about Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton supporting Wall

Trump FINALLY acknowledges that Obama was born in the US

Michelle Obama says Trump’s Birther comments endangered her family

Don Lemon Fact-Checks Donald Trump lies about Obama Campaign

So Trump hates America then?

Trumptar Logic 8

I just want to start out by saying, after reporting her tweets for harassment (I don’t think that’ll go anywhere…I have now blocked…She is HORRENDOUS)

What I noticed though is that all her Tweets are talking about how Dr Ford pretty much deserved to be rape because she was drinking and she slept around a lot and didn’t report it at the time. The even MORE illogical thing though. The amount of women who say that they got attacked and did tell someone, but not the police. The ones who do have pictures of people are all at parties, half of them have drink in their hands.

How can they NOT see, what they are doing to themselves?

*My Positive Spin*

At least I’ve blocked her now,lol.

It’s like my post from earlier today. Most of her comments are all about “let’s antagonise the *Libtards*, because it’s so easy to do so”. How about instead of starting a conversation with lets upset the Libtards. How about you start listening to what they are saying?!