Trumpter Logic 25

Charlottesville Rally: ‘There’s fine people on both sides’

Central Park: ‘I wont apologise, they admitted their guilty. You have both people on both side of that’

Doctors and Nurses: ‘The mother gives birth, and then Doctors and Nurses bundle them up in a nice warm cloth, and then they kill them”.

= Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Trumpter Logic 24


So for years, years and even more years, and still now…The Obamas were called a lot of deplorable names by the likes of Trump supporters and Trump alike.

Sarah Sanders resigned a few days ago, amid all the lies she had told. The Washington Post wrote about all the lies that Sarah Sanders has told. This outraged Trump Supporters…Yes, how dare the Washington Post write about Sarah Sanders and her lies? Outrageous, how the “lefties” treat her….What…a liar?

On some level, I never want to figure out why Trump supporters think the way the way they do. Yes, how dare someone call someone out on their lying? What a disgrace! They should be writing more about locking up Hillary and how Michelle Obama’s ‘real’ name is “Michael”.?

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