Oh my god, shut up white people

Seriously. I don’t care what white people think of Meghan Markle. I just do not. Also, yes. Princess Diana, was a HUGE fan of the royal family, was quiet and submissive. She would not have liked how Meghan Markle “made” Prince Harry take control of his life, live his own life, called out the Firm who control the Royal Family.

That’s total sarcasm, by the way lol

Also Ndaba Mandela having a problem with Markle, BUT APPEARING ON PIERS MORGAN! Who do you *think* Nelson Mandela would have MORE of a problem with???? Like, damn! When I actually listen to POC who do not go on shows like Piers Morgan, or in fact, if you listen to anyone who does not go onto Piers Morgan. You cut through the bad REALLY quickly.

But, oh my god I am so sick of hearing about us, lol. I would say like 95% of really bad and thoughtless “opinions” are coming, you guessed it … White people. Most of the time when it’s a POC it’s a Trump support, or they go on Piers Morgan. The ONLY people who know the Royal Family, are, in fact, the Royal Family. You do not, as white people, know what’s it’s like to live in the RF, let alone as a POC, raised in America.


Letting It Go

Now I am guilty of holding onto things sometimes, but sometimes and as I have gotten older. I have learnt some things are just better to let go of.

I was inspired to write this post after I felt so incredibly sorry for a TERF who admitted that they’ve been waiting over a decade to see the fall of Stonewall. Not that that is going to happen now.

But who holds onto something like that for such a long time? I don’t even know what happened, but it seems a odd organisation to hold onto something for a decade for? Like if a hospital stuffed up your operation, I could understand. Even if a staff member at Stonewall sexually assaulted her, how is that the whole of Stonewall’s fault?

How do people hold onto these grudges for literally years and decades? Don’t they want to be happy and live?

Nurture Thursday – Letting Things Go

Nurt Thurs – Letting things go

How hard is it in 2020, to let things go?! My mum and I were just talking last night, that we don’t understand that hate the year has brought. It’s all been over the top and over aggressive. The main thing is, the hate, has been completely unnecessary.

You MUST find a way though, to be able to every now and then “let go”. It will do you mental and in turn, physical world of good. You can’t spend the whole time, going “Woe is me”. You need to let go and give yourself permission to relax, to turn off your brain. Or do something fun with your brain. Even if it’s only for a hour. Like today, I sat down and wrote out ALL my pen pal letters, all ready for posting tomorrow! I am so finally happy with them!

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Let It Go

I wrote a post a few days ago talking about having a little get together, with a fire pit and burning things to “let them go” and can I just say that I found it very therapeutic. I honestly didn’t know what to write. I have this letter written in case they ever decide to “come” for me.

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What I ended up writing down was very simple:

“I am not a horrible person”.

I don’t miss them, you can’t miss people you just don’t care about.

What makes me angry though is accusing me of being this rotten human being and that is the part I am having trouble letting go of. Mainly because, even though, they are in their mid 30s, they have the maturity of 15 year old little girls. So every now and then someone lets something slip and it’s always them attacking me. It makes me roll my eyes, but it annoys the p..o..o..p…Out of me as well (not literally).

It felt SO good to write that on the note and then burn it. Logically I (and everyone else) know I am good person…If I could just rid of this annoyance, it’d be 100% fine. I think I’ll have to speak with my therapist, because it bugs me that it bugs me. I, myself, have told people not get upset by their attacks, this is just who they are. So why does that one part bug me so much still?

I feel relieved now, it did help…But I’m bugged, that I was so bugged by it.


What do you do after?

I think one of the most difficult things about a break up and what you do afterwards, is, what do you do with all the gifts afterwards? If you’re going to keep them, or anything, how long do you hold on, and how do you determine which things are items that you want to hold onto?


I had one ex who had kept…well pretty much everything…I am always wary of a person who has SO many things of their past relationship. That that person could literally walk back into the door and it was like they were never gone. I think what was also a red flag was when my ex told me that he had left angry, which had meant he had to go back and get all of her things, clothing, empty paint bottles, even some adult toys. That is having far too many things of your ex’s. You have to let at least some things go.

However, I also think it’s okay to keep a couple of things, but it all depends on the individual. Some people do have trouble letting go and will use the items left behind as a way to keeping holding on. I once had a box that had bits and bobs and over the years it’s gotten less and less as I’ve thrown out more and more. Some of the things that I have held onto are items that are hopeless hopes that my ex’s weren’t complete douche-bags, and that I hadn’t made such horrible choices.

I think the weirdest thing I have ever seen an ex hold onto was the adult toy. For various reasons, firstly is just crept me out. His ex girlfriend bought it for herself, so he didn’t even buy it for her, she bought it for her. The reason they broke up was because she was constantly cheating on him. How could you take a adult toy, without knowing whether or not she used with those others? That and it’s just gross. His friends know all about this particular toy and seemed almost shocked when asked if I had ever used it and I said “HELL TO THE NO!”…Are they kidding?

 Have you kept anything from a past relationship? Only feel comfortable sharing if you want, if you have, why? Do you have an issue with current partners keeping items from an ex? What’s the weirdest thing an ex or yourself has ever kept?


So I have realised that I didn’t post anything last Friday! These last few weeks have been so crazy, I honestly didn’t even know…Must of been the week that I forgot to reply to so many people.

Finding a link that I found very interesting (Fact Number 5 WILL blow your mind!)

Please click this link and have your mind blown! Music Facts Slide

Music is something that has impacted my life in every single significant event and my every day life…Music can make me sad, happy, turn me on, heal wounds and help make those tears roll. I am not going to lie either though Pharrell Williams “Happy” I just have to be happy. Just like recently I cannot stop listening to “Let it Go” from Frozen, because I relate so much. If I feel under attack or no one cares/likes me, that’s the song I go to.

I believe that music is something that should be introduced to everyone as early as possible!


Since I love this song and you try and prove to me that when you listen to it you don’t want to be happy, no matter what mood you’re in…Also…You are welcome =D

Published on 24 Jan 2014

“Happy” single available now: http://smarturl.it/happypharrell

Music video by Pharrell Williams performing Happy (from Despicable Me 2). (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment