A Homage…

I hate to start a Monday on such a sad note…but this week there’s really not been much that has been happy. Through sadness as well I believe we still learn…

I am learning one thing, that America is such an angry place right now. I have written a few posts this week on the Florida Shootings and the reaction…But that is not why I am here now.

For those who have been reading my Blog for a while now. Know that I am pretty obsessed with a live-stream called “SafariLive“. I’ve been watching for about 4 years now. They mainly focus on Djuma and the Sabi Sands. It’s also where I met my first dominant male leopard…Mvula


He has been my favourite male leopard, especially dominant one. However, he is 13 years old and in the past year or so he has been ousted by a new male, Tingana…It’s the African wild, it happens…However, he had been fantastically well! Was still mating, was still getting meals…Even when he was dominant, he had no issues with younger leopard cub.

Unfortunately, no one has seen the Magnificent Mvula since the beginning of January, he was not looking good then, and has not been seen since…Which is never a good sign. Predators like leopards do not have huge territories, even when they’ve been ousted. They tend to hang around the same areas, just on the outskirts. Chances mean he is gone…

I shall miss him, he was gorgeous. He was one of my favourites, considering how tough it is there for the animals, he was always “kind”. He would play with the cubs, even when he was ousted, he still played and shared meals with them. I’m not sure that he got into many fights? I hope he’s giving Karula a good bath right now ❤


Big Cat Week!

It’s that time of the year again! National Geographic Big Cat Week!

Which also means that you can watch the #safarilive live feed on the television! It only shows on the television within America.

So please watch #safarilive on which premieres Thursday, December 14 at 10/9c. For those who are not in America, you can still watch it on YouTube and via Ustream.

Hail to the new Royal Cubs of #safarilive!

A few weeks ago I posted about #safarilive’s Queen of Djuma Karula!


Well over the weekend, after much rumor of her having lost the cub, then finding out she had twins and they were doing well. We finally got a quick glimpse of them over the weekend!

KarulaCub1They are so tiny! We only got a quick glimpse of them as they run away into thicker bush when Queen Mama Karula came to scoop them up. Our guide, Brent could hear them playing about, but could not go in any further.

KarulaCub   We cannot tell at the moment if, other than we know they are twins, if we two princes, princesses or one of both.

Queen Karula!

We have had a little miracle happen at the Wild Earth family. The Queen of DjumaKarula the Leopardess has given birth to a tiny little cub (possibly cubs!)

The Queen of Djuma! … Karula!

Karula is an awesome Mama, she is about 11-12 years old and until 2015 New Year she had no lost a single cub! For those who don’t follow the #safarilive team, Karula has a cub about a year ago and it was all very exciting. Unfortunately about 10 others safari cars wanted to see the little cub as well. With so much noise with all the cars and the people (who SHOULD have been silent, mainly children screaming … What the hell parents?!) the little cub was naturally curious, came out and was killed by Hyena.

It was devastating, you could tell Karula was in shock herself, she had never lost a cub before! Any-ways because of the situation there were strict rules placed upon the car and the guides. There are not allowed to be more than three cars at any sighting. With the birth of these new precious cubs and the disaster that happened last year, NO ONE is allowed near Karula or the cubs for at least the next two weeks and I think that is fantastic!

Share My World

This week Cee’s Photography is taking a week off this week (and rightly deserved too…Head to her page and see the amazing weekly challenges she shares with us all) Cee’s Photography … But what do I do now?! I know I can give you all a Safari Live Update! It’s been nearly two months since I last gave you all one…Live Safari Update (21/09/15)

The first is the situation with the Birmingham Boys has calmed quiet a lot down. In fact there is the possibility that one of the prides of females from the Styx pride has given birth recently. Now I suspect that the fathers may actually be the Matimba Males…Lionesses however are actually quiet clever ladies.  So they have been “fake mating” with the Birmingham Boys. This where a lady cat (a lot of the big cats do it) will fake mate with a Male so that the reigning Males will believe that the little cubs are actually theirs.

The other thing to note that the two Matimba males have not gotten themselves into any death matches with the BBoys, they have however, taken off and have a whole new area that they patrol.

One of the more interesting stories to have come from the Matimba males is that of the sub-adult “Junior of the Nkuhuma Pride” He’s an unusual story in that he has no other brother that he would usually head off on his own with, instead he seems to be hanging around the Nkuhuma pride all the time. This unusual as Junior is now 3 and a half years old, usually by now Junior would have been chased off by his Father and Uncles. We’ve all grown quiet fond of Junior, but this is the African Wild life … Anything can happen! Don’t you just adore his little mane! =D (Although I shouldn’t tease, he couldn’t quite easily take me down!)

Junior ❤ … Nkuhuma Pride