World Story-Telling Day

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on the March equinox, on (or near) March 20.

We could sit here all day talking what makes a story, a story. Whether it be a modern creation or life lessons that have been passed on through generation to generation.

Today I want you to think about YOUR story. I’m having one of those silly “moments”. What is your story? Is it a good story, is it a drama or a comedy? Is your story about yourself, about others, your communities, or all three?…Did that rhyme?

What is your story.

Clearly you don’t have to tell me your story, but just take a moment to think about it. Think about one of those prompts, like “what would the title of your autobiography be?”.


Did anyone else know this?

King Charles Coronation is going to be going on for … THREE DAYS!


I was miffed enough when I thought it was one day…BUT THREE!?!


For what?! The UK is one of the worst states it’s ever been in, they wont support the Nurses, Teachers etc but their “Ministers” are managing to find millions for themselves. There … what is it … “Upgrade” programme, seems to be benefitting where the Tory ministers come from.

I get the money that the Monarchy bring in, but really??? 3 days of it? Who does he think he is, Queen Elizabeth dead?!

“Levelling Up Fund! That’s it.

Slap in the face’: Tory seats gain more from £4bn levelling up fund, finds analysis


Yesterday I went to stream at a time I have never really streamed before. And it didn’t go well, lol. I will be returning to my usual time for streaming on Mondays, lol.

Sometimes the way we do learn, is to fail. It’s a horrible though, but it’s a truthful one.

I saw a person I admire say “if the best thing that happened to you during 2022, is that you survived. You’ve still accomplished a lot”. This is true. Some of us did not make, and while like 100% of it is through not fault of their own. They did not make it, you did it, and contributed to the 8 billion people on earth.

  • You still here? That’s a win
  • You got up on a bad day, that’s a win
  • You took care of yourself on a bad day, that’s a win.

What I learnt in 2022

  • They USED to give pregnant women ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy).
  • If you’ve never heard of Dolly Oesterreich, look her up!
  • Daisies are actually closely related to artichokes, and they’re a great source of vitamin C. They’re known to slow bleeding, relieve indigestion, and soothe coughs.
  • Watching a medical show, did you know in a heart transplant, the old heart will still beat out of the body for a time.
  • You have pretty much as many guns as you want, In Texas. But legally, you’re only allowed to have 6 “sex toys”.
  • Empress Sissi
  • How Jesus’s disciples died, and I think Jesus got it the easiest.
  • I did not know that Australia share’s their water bombing helicopters/planes, with California!
  • The electric chair, was invented, by a dentist.
  • Not something I “learnt”, but rather something I learned about –
  • The Supreme Court DO NOT, even have a code of ethics.

Ladies, Google is free

One of my wishes, but probably wont come true. Is that TERFs actually learn something. I doubt it, especially after what I saw.

I wont go into too much details, but we really do need to start talking about sex education and bodies in general when we’re younger. I saw a group of “older woman” call a trans person a ‘moron’ because they were talking about period poops. The older women were talking like this trans person was making it up.

Period Poops are a real thing.

As I said above, I wont get into details. These “women” were making complete asses out of themselves.

Then there was “Rob” who was complaining about how the left was “making” him have to like people, like immigrants, like trans people, like Unions. (retweet if you agree…blah, blah, blah). I pointed out that no one is saying he HAS to like anyone. What the left actually want, is for people like Rob, is just too let others live in peace. Especially those who have no affect on your life whatsoever.

I feel under no obligation to like people like Rob.

Don’t know

I honestly don’t know what to write today, lol.

I spent most of yesterday organising other things in my life, that when I got to around to possibly writing a blog post. I was really tired. I got to the end of the day, and had no clue what to write. I used to bring a book to work and write little notes on what topics I could write about.

You know something? I don’t want to write about the ones that I have left over. I just kind of want to do nothing. It’s one of the hardest lessons I am still learning about blogging. Just learning that it’s okay to not write a post all the time. I love this community so much, I just want to always be in communication.

I also had a really nice weekend, and just on Monday alone, it made me frustrated and annoyed, that no one learns anything.

Instead of writing a blog, I have decided to play a computer game and have a nice cup of tea, before before bed and off for my first day of work tomorrow.

There’s nothing wrong mentally or physically, I think I was just doing other stuff all day, like homework and gardening (my thighs are feeling it today) I just didn’t want to force my brain to work, especially if I didn’t need it too. I don’t have to post a blog every day, I don’t have to fight every day. Some days I can just sit and read. Some days, I can just sit and “be”.

Trans Awareness Week

My little life for #TransAwarenessWeek There is a trans woman, I did not know for years is trans. I also know a lesbian whose engaged to a trans man and a lesbian whose dating a trans woman. Such a “fuss” I can fit it all in one tweet, lol. Its just not a deal in my life.

Also just want to say being a cis woman during #TransAwarenessWeek I have learnt so much about bodies, science and importantly #language from trans people. How it changes, how it has never stayed the same. How beautiful it is when used properly, and I don’t mean just grammar. I suspect that a lot of transphobic leaders know perfectly well what they’re doing. They know perfectly well the language they use, is only used to hurt and harm. Which is why when people start coming around, don’t let them forget it.

I have to admit I do laugh a lot when transphobes in particular, think that trans people, non-binary people DON’T know anything about sex. Apart from those in the medical and health industry, I would trust trans people more than others to understand how our bodies and sex works. They’re living it every single day.

When I started to write about my little life on Twitter. The first thing I was hit with was about the rape crisis center’s thing again. I am going to give credit too only two TERFs here. You can, in fact, apply for a female only crisis center, it just makes sense, right? I know of at least two TERFs who tried to raise money for them. The TERFs decided they wanted to sue Stonewall instead. The amount of centers Rowling could raise on her OWN, but CHOSE to sue Stonewall.

So, don’t come at me with “what about those women who want same sex crisis centers” You can literally raise the money for one yourselves, so clearly NOT that big of a deal for them. I’m not even going to start with jails/prisons. That’s a big topic.

It’s true though

I wish I could actually find the saying. But I saw an amazing quote about “Critical Race Theory” and why so many white Governors, and parents want it banned. It’s because, there’s nothing there for white people to be “proud” of. Let’s be honest, if there was something that white people could be proud of, they would have NO problems with teaching it.

But like I say myself. I have issues with my hamstring and sometimes my sciatic nerve. Here’s the thing, it’s like the pain in my leg. I didn’t cause the pain in my leg. If I don’t do things to help heal it, not only will the pain stay, it will only get worse. So I do things to heal it. When I feel the pain, I do things to make sure it doesn’t get worse. I will probably always have it, but I know how to heal it. If I work on it, it will take time, but I might even been able to help it completely, but it will take time.

“It wont happen over night, but it will happen”.

What am I learning?

I don’t know people, I don’t know, lol. It’s been an interesting week, just taking away “news” stories, especially from Fox and Sky News, has made life that little more bearable. I am not sure that I’ve really learnt anything this week. I think what has happened though, my brain has been able to think. Which sounds like I don’t think,lol. Taking out the unnecessary “news”, feels like my brain is freeing up. Too think about things a little bit more clearly.

I find that I get so consumed with the stupidity of it all, that I don’t see the good news. But the good news is out there. I totally get it why my brain is so consumed with the negative, but it’s so stupid, lol. You all know what I mean. All the things happening right now, it’s all dumb and unnecessary. Like just shove Trump in jail. If people “rebel” shove them in jail too.

Since trans people are real people and fought for their rights, like all groups who are not white religious straight men and , every human right Law, should be afforded to them, not taken away from them! Like, that’s not even a question too me.

No, one group on this planet can claim “perfection”. If we start punishing people because of one, we all need to be punished.

What I have become more clearer though. One of my problem this week was that I really hurt my leg. It’s an old injury and I had to walk fast through the rain one day and it flared it up. So I couldn’t even do things around the house and I had horrible sleeps, because of the pain. Because it’s not technically a week yet, since I started to want to pro-actively change my mind set. I’m not going to everything I’ve done this week, so far. Probably Monday.

I can feel already a change, just refreshing news stories, and blocking “news” papers/stations from completely pointless, Right Wing “news” people. I am also noticing that if I do ever come across, I am a lot more calm as well. As Right Wingers, tend to say the same things. So when you see what the “news” article is about. You know what to expect, which can be very useful. Sometimes I didn’t even have to read the comments to know what was being said.

Thursday Theories – Understanding

This is the problem with society today. It USED to be common that if you don’t understand something, you shut up and learn. It’s called having good listening skills. These days people will admit they don’t understand something, but it’s everybody else whose the idiot for you not understanding.

A quick break down.

Birthing person, pregnant person – Is inclusive language. It pretty much includes people who are not women, but are pregnant, so trans men. Birthing person can also include women who are pregnant, but will not be keeping the child after (for what ever reasons).