Ladies, here’s why we do not rule the World

I think the pairing between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston may be one of the weirdest pairings that I have ever seen and I don’t quiet it…But saying that, it’s NOT for me to “get it”. Personally for me I think that they are just having some fun and who knows where it’ll go.

However saying this, I saw pictures of them walking out on the weekend holding hands and nearly all the negative comments were on Taylor not Tom. The way some were talking about her, you’d think she was with some guy who had no thoughts or opinion of his own…He is 35 years old, he is a nearly a decade older than her. You saying the man don’t have is own mind? He is a grown ass man. I hardly think that Tom Hiddleston finds it the least bit charming that people think he had no mind of his own and is so easily led astray.

Or, how about the time I got into an argument with another “woman” because apparently men can’t possible get abused by us because they’re naturally bigger than us? They can just leave whenever they want. Or how many women jumped on the “We hate Amber Heard” bandwagon with no proof? Believe it or not people can change and people do not always react the way you do to the same situation. Take a look at Joanne Lees, people thought she murdered her boyfriend simply because others didn’t believe she reacted they way they THOUGHT she should have.

How many memes have you seen from women ‘warning’ other women that if they try and get with their man, they’ll be consequences…Where are the meme’s about the actual person your dating not cheating or straying?

Just take a look at this article for a good example…Who really is acting like the 12 year old? Why we think Hiddleswift are faking their relationship! Written by “so-called journalist” Jennifer Fletcher.


Tonight is the Night!

girls night out

Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is my first girls night out since my break up and I am ready for it! The break was what…Month and a half? Two weeks since we stopped being friends and I need a cute guy (or two) to get a bit flirty with, not dirty with…Just flirty. I might even have a glass of champagne first before I head out…Crazy! I’m a bit of “light weight” so I don’t drink when I go out and it’s not at a friends house…or mine own!lol

In all honesty I am really nervous about this night. You see, I had this really odd plan on staying with my ex for the rest of my life, definitely the rest of this year…at least. There is just something different about “A Girls Night out” that just feels automatically different from going out with a mixed sex group of people. There’s is honestly no one else I want to be on the planet with than my ex, but a girl has to move on and although I don’t expect to find the love of my night tonight. I do want to get a little flirty, not flirty dirty, just flirty =D…I’m not ready for dirty yet ~.^

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Magical Friends

I have pretty much missed a decent time frame for ‘Fact Friday’, the last couple of weekends have just been so full that I’ve had to spend the last couple of Fridays setting up and getting ready for the weekend. Next Friday should be different though, because it will be a quiet weekend.

For this edition of Magic Monday I thought that I would would write about the elusive and rare creature, the genuine best female friend. Women are a generally competitive creature and although they could, in fact, rule the world. They spend most of the time trying to destroy one another. There does seem however to be a sub-group to a group situation, where in a large group, there will be a smaller group of generally 3-4 girls who seem to genuinely care for one another. This small group of women will often integrate into each other’s life’s so much that actually become a part of your family.

When this small group come together much planning and discussion takes place, which leaves all parties involved more listened to and more happier. Like they could take on the world. How these women cannot figure out if they could just come together instead of trying to hurt one another is still one of life’s biggest mysteries.

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