Just when you thought you knew everything about your partner…

… You realise that you don’t.

But not in a bad way, just a surprising way.

I must start off with saying that I am not actually getting married. Sometimes I like to consider these things. You know how I don’t want just a white wedding dress, I want a dress that represents me, and all white, is not me, lol. I need something with a little something different.

I just found recently though my partner wants me to wear all white, because his family are a bit funny with things like that. So, yes, a red wedding dress is apparently completely out.

It did really make me think about though how often my partner still surprises me, lol. I didn’t think he’d care about anything about a wedding, maybe the food (haha) but that was it.

What about you and your partner, or any partners from your past?

On a completely different note, what is IT, with other people thinking they can tell you what to do for your wedding? Like your marrying someone for them, because of them, not other people, lol. I already thought I might have to get bridezilla on my own side, but I will with anyone else too, lol.


This or That #43


This or That #43

Which of these would you prefer?

Having the ending of a book spoiled 


Never knowing what happens?

Having the ending of a book spoiled, definitely. I’m not sure that I could live without ever knowing. Take a look at my last ex, I have no idea what turned and it drives me nuts to this day!lol…Never knowing what happens would just slowly eat away at me, it would be all I could think of, consume my every thought. I would not be able to live without knowing.