What an interesting day, World Smile Day was..

How many people looked like this yesterday? Who could blame us! Generally everything was pretty okay, I think because I didn’t get into any fights. Any replies I did do, was all in response to friends and family…

Then it just got…weird,lol

The first thing that I woke up too were the Melania tapes. Which were needless to say, unpleasant. Good god, no wonder she’s still with Trump. They’re pretty much the same kind of person really.

Then Trump and Melania both tested positive for Covid19. Then a few hours later, people started to wonder if they were just faking. Whether that was to get out of the debate. My theory was, that they’re hoping the Melania tapes AND the debate will just leave the social conscious. And who could blame people?

Then there was some GOOD news for trans people in the UK. They are going to take the recent GRA reform and actually DEBATE it in Parliament. Which is absolutely good news! For those who don’t know. They’ve recently reformed some “rules” for the transgender community in the UK. Generally, not much changed, and they took away self-ID. They did make the certificate cheaper though. A

They asked the public, for suggestions, consultations etc. They decided to ignore the results, which were overwhelmingly in favour for more trans rights. I also think 100% that Rowlings little cults, influenced it too. But they blamed TRA’s (Trans Right Acitvists) for skewing the results, and that they said TOO much…Which, what did they think was going to happen?

So they changed the Reform, and THEN the results from the consultations, came out…One, TRA’s weren’t the only group of people who made suggestions and consulted, and they weren’t even the biggest group in favour of more trans rights. I have no idea WHY, they thought they could just ignore that,lol.

So while it was basically all good news. It’s just all … weird…you know?


Sometimes I think Karma does exist and then other times, I think it doesn’t. What do you think? Have you had any experience of good or bad karma?

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At the Battle of Hastings, fought this day in 1066, King Harold II of England was defeated by the invading army of William, duke of Normandy, in the Norman Conquest, establishing Normans as rulers of England.


Karma is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

At some stage we have probably all wanted Karma to work and have all had probably have had someone who wishes bad Karma on us.

I’ve been finding Karma to be a very interesting thing this year. I have never really wanted people to get hurt, but I also feel like, because the things that have happened to me this year. Well, they’ve all be done by people I don’t consider a friend (I don’t hate them, they are just not a friend of mine) or a friend that I no longer considered a friend anyway. So I haven’t really been out of place, trying to get Karma to work.

Yet, it’s been happening for me.

I guess it’s kind of like, when you’re not looking for love, there it is.

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As for my Blog yesterday about Serena Williams, I was either blocked or the whole page account was taken down. Either way I think it’s a win for sane thinking! I swear like 95% of the comments defended were by white males. *shakes head*



I am sure by now we have all seen the many reports of alleged sexual predatory behaviour and too me it is so sad that this is just on so badly. It’s horrible!

I think what is making me the MOST angriest though is all the Trump supporters who almost seem to believe anybody who is a “leftiest” it suddenly almost makes them think that Trumps being voted in as a known sexual predator. Suddenly all these people who are being accused of being one it’s “karma” and it’s amusing, and also dissolves Trump of anything he’s done. Yet, when it’s “one of them” they are completely innocent of course.

It is NOT “karma” for criticising the fact that the President is a sexual predator…It is called people being sick and tired of seeing these people get away with being sexual predators and being voted into places of power by mindless sheep, like them.



I heard something recently, that I hate to admit……made me feel glad…There was a group that were pretty horrible to me and I ended up taking myself out of it. I didn’t like how I was treated, I didn’t like how others were treated. It is a kind of a group where there’s one rule for one, a completely different rule for another and an entirely different rule for another.

I feel terrible for being even a little bit happy about it, but I couldn’t help it. They are just very toxic people and they have made life hell for a lot of people and not even for any actual good reason as to why. At the same time I was hearing this new, this particular song came on and it felt very appropriate:

*Now I will warn you, this one of my favourite Drag Queens and it can be a quiet crude video, especially if you are not familiar with her work…You can watch all of Alaska’s YouTube videos here If you are interested*

Karma Part 2

Firstly I am going to repost my post about Karma here that I posted last week.


Please take a read of it and let me know what you think!

The reason for this post though is because I cannot stop laughing about something that happened the day AFTER I made this post and thought that I would share. So to break down my previous post. It’s all about how I see Karma and that it’s not just one big event that happens to someone that had wronged you, but something they have to live with every day. So don’t hang around waiting for something to happen.

The day after my original post, a big karma event happened to someone who had humiliated me publicly. I try to be a good person, but even I had to have a little evil snicker. Well more than a snicker, but I was talking to someone who had no idea what had gone on. They know I knew some people from this gaming area, but they have no idea how horrible they were. I was actually trying to support their business, and I actually enjoyed going and playing games there, so one of the co-workers, one of my ex’s best friends, added me to their Facebook business page. I swear the owner and one of my ex’s best friends, put in all capital letters (My ex and I have a lot of mutual friends in common, that’s how we met) “WHY HAVE YOU ADDED HER?” I felt so humiliated and I never went back. I found out later that he had told other people “I shouldn’t have done that”….He never said it too ME though. Ever since, his business has had problems. I found out that now his second business is probably going to be gone soon.

Not only that but someone very close to me has been harassed by a customer and this person has been naaasty! My friend said it’s the worse customer they have ever had! They just could not find her order. Well today they found this person has been ringing the wrong company (they still have not rang back to apologise either). Not only that though (it gets better from here!) The person blasting my friend, is working for a company that is given a special extra discount for exclusively working with my friends company. Which means that they can NOT get parts or anything from any other company. Which means this woman through her own stupidity has now gotten her company into trouble, because of her call proving they are working and getting orders from other companies.

So, sometimes Karma does work in one big way.



I see a lot of people who want Karma towards a lot of people who have hurt them or harmed them in some way or another. By this it seems that a lot of people want them to have some big event or other (and sometimes for the other person to have this overwhelming need to apologise).

This is how I see Karma. It’s not a one big event thing and they more than likely are not ever going to apologise. Take comfort in this though. Every day they are living their Karma. Every day they have to live with being caught with their lie, or how they’ve hurt someone. They are feeling it, trust me. The only type of person who can hurt another and not feel it…Well that’s just psychopathic.

Take myself, for example. I had someone who decided to impress me by insulting his sister and his best friend, just to get into my pants, which did not work. I was then not invited to anymore parties and slowly I have not heard from anyone since (It’s a common theme for them. They do something wrong and you get “punished”) Now I could be hurt by this, except I feel sorry for him.

Can you imagine it? He doesn’t like his sister being there and he has to live with his friends saying disgusting things about her ALL THE TIME. Trust me he knows they are…How do I know this? Because he used to do it about other girls. You know the Trump “locker talk” stuff? Well they do that. Even if they didn’t too his face and I have seen some of them do it, he knows exactly what is going on. He must be SO pissed off. I don’t need need some big event, he must feel so alone, not being able to say he doesn’t actually want her around. Knowing the horrible things the say about her, knowing they don’t actually respect her, for her.

I don’t need to do a damn thing. If people wont talk to me about why I was suddenly not invited either, they have to live with that too. Which has happened to me over this situation as well. It’s not surprising, but it’s still disappointing.