The funny thing about Dr Seuss

So recently I saw someone like a post on Facebook. Which was in reply to a question asked “What was your favourite childhood book”. My facebook friend didn’t say Dr Seuss. And neither did anyone else.

Why is that funny?

All this outrage about “cancelling Dr Seuss” and not a single person, including my friend who said the world had gone crazy, said Dr Seuss.

Did they even care?


Ah uh moment! Number Gazillion

I was thinking of this after I was again, called a misogynst.

Witches are mostly a Matriarchal society. Who does the TERF Queen choose to make the Hero? A boy. Not only that but when asked, she couldn’t decide between two boys. Apart from Hermione, its mainly men/boys who feature in Harry Potter

And the more you think about it …

Fantastic Beasts is the same. It’s mainly men or boys who are the heroes.