What I don’t know…

…Is a lot, haha

I recently found out though what the Juneteenth Day is all about. It’s about the “last” slave was freed in America.

Which to anyone with a sensible brain, is pretty cool.

However, it also meant that I have literally no idea what Candace Owens is complaining about? They’re not taking away July the 4th, they’re adding on a extra day, that celebrates the last slave being a free person.

So, what is her problem exactly? Only 14 Republican voted against the day, and they were all white (probably straight) men. Apart from them and Candace Owens, everybody else thinks it’s a good thing, and it is.

Again, they’re not taking away any other day, they’re adding one.

Sometimes I think that people like Candace Owens, just say things, to say something…Do you know what I mean? I don’t think she thinks about what she’s saying at all. Even when she does say something, it’s nothing very much really.