Good Friday

As the page mentions I am doing Fact Friday every second Friday instead of every single Friday and it just happens that this one, does in fact, fall on Good Friday…How lucky, lucky readers!

Good Friday is observed mainly by the Christian tradition of when Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross in Calvary, but is now a widely observed legal holiday. Where people can take a few days off over the “Easter Weekend”.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. Easter falls on the first Sunday following a Paschal Full Moon, the full moon on or after 21 March, taken to be the date of the vernal equinox. The Western calculation uses the Gregorian Calendar, while the Eastern calculation uses the Julian Calendar, whose 21 March now corresponds to the Gregorian calendar’s 3 April. The calculations for identifying the date of the full moon also can be different.

In Eastern Christianity, Easter can fall between 22 March and 25 April on Julian Calendar ( between 4 April and 8 May in terms of the Gregorian calendar, during the period 1900 and 2099), so Good Friday can fall between 20 March and 23 April, inclusive (or between 2 April and 6 May in terms of the Gregorian calendar).

Easter Friday is also known as “Hot Cross Bun” day in Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

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