Just so you know…

You might have heard about the Queen’s Jubilee Writing List. Mainly because transphobes are outraged the Rowling success with HP means she’s the greatest writer ever! She should be on that list.

There are a LOT of writers/authors that I would have expected to be on there, that are not.

  • Terry Pratchett
  • Tolkien
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Agatha Christie

Ten books for each of the seven decades of the Queen’s reign were selected by a panel of librarians, booksellers and literature experts from readers’ recommendations spanning 31 countries.

The Big Jubilee Read includes “brilliant, beautiful and thrilling writing” in novels, anthologies of short stories and poetry published since 1952, said the organisers. They were “shared stories that define our social and cultural heritage”.

The God of Small Things to Shuggie Bain: the Queen’s jubilee book list – The Guardian

Harriet Sherwood Arts and culture correspondent

@harrietsherwood Mon 18 Apr 2022 22.36 AEST