Countries need better journalists.

We just do. I think it should be a rule or a Law, that is you spread misinformation regarding serious situations like COVID. If it was intentional, you should be pulled off air. If it was intentional, but that journalist’s what to “play”, be pulled off the air. When they make mistake, not only should they correct it in a BIG way, but they should go back to journalism school and re-learn how to verify things.

The ones that are any good, you rarely hear from, because like Murdoch. A lot of loud journalists like to make themselves the story. I think we, as a society, all over the world need to promote these good journalists ourselves. Murdoch and co aren’t going to do it.

I say it’s time the people start listening and start promoting the journalists that they want to hear from, rather than let industries like Murdoch do it for us. Let’s do this thing!

I would LOVE to hear of any good journalists, in each of your countries.


Too far and few in between

Anyone else noticed how few good journalists there are in the world now? Most of the good ones are all retired, and it’s the same here in Australia. A lot of Australian journalists routinely crap on the the Australian Public, then when the public use the one platform they have to ask “Why did you do that” Nearly all the journalists gang up on the public … time and time again. Saying how disgusting it is that the public did that.

Not only, NOT actually solving the problem and letting that journalists get away with it. While patting themselves on the back that the public are nothing but the “twitter mob”.

Which you know, doesn’t really do anything for the public. Also, the other journalists ganging up on the public, NEVER mention what that journalists actually did or said. They just go on about how “disgusting” it is that the public are “ganging up” on one of their own. Like I said too one recently “If you think the whole asking you why you said or did that is piling on is “mean”. You’re in for a shock when Murdoch’s gone, and then you all come along doing this same thing still. I’ll pray for you”.

For all those really dumb journalists out there. If you think for even a second that once Murdoch is gone, that the public is just going to put with the media, who claim to be different from Murdoch, but doing the same things as Murdoch, is going to be “nice to you” if you DON’T wise up. You are in for a literal shock.

History Repeating

I found an extremely interesting article: Goebbels’ former Nazi secretary has no regrets about her role in WWII

To break the article down, Brunhilde Pomsel was the former secretary of Joseph Goebbles, Reich Minister of Propaganda. In the article Brunhilde expresses how she had no regrets about her secretarial role, she was, in fact flatter.

(This is why you should all read the article)

The next part explained from Brunhilde herself (105 years old by the way). That it was part of the Propaganda’s “charm”…

“I know no one ever believes us nowadays – everyone thinks we knew everything. We knew nothing, it was all kept well secret.”

“Those people nowadays who say they would have stood up against the Nazis – I believe they are sincere in meaning that, but believe me, most of them wouldn’t have,” Pomsel said.

“The whole country was as if under a kind of a spell. I could open myself up to the accusations that I wasn’t interested in politics but the truth is, the idealism of youth might easily have led to you having your neck broken.”

I have to say…I believe her. I think about the media today, the people who are in control today and those people who are willingly to just believe anything a particular candidate says…Without saying anything. I read through the comments of a woman who railed racist abuse at an Spanish family. If you read the headline, you’d think this woman was randomly insane…HOWEVER (and I do not condone racism in any form.) She was yelling at this family because they had left their dog in the car on a 90+ degree day.

Ignoring what this woman said, which she apologised later for, and why she got upset. Throughout all the comments there were different news articles “proving” what the commenter or poster believed to be correct. How can you believe what really happened, when there are SO many different article saying different things? Fact vs Opinion – Lolsys Library

Does this article strike a chord with you? Can you think of any situation where this may be true these days?