Thursday Theories – Hi Aaron =D

I will start by saying, I have not gone and looked at the rant, but I’ve heard the general gist.

I feel really icky writing this, you know what with the continue gun killings in the United States, and being from Australia.

Video shows unarmed black man was shot 60 times by police

Uvalde police were trained to quickly confront an active shooter. So why did they wait?

And the very poor responses by police officers in the United States.

I have no problem with self defense, I highly encourage it. Especially since I am short woman. So no, I am not against self defense, or even guns really. I know Farmers in Australia have them. I am not actually sure if our Australian officers do. It might depend on the call. I don’t even have a problem with hunters, like real ones. Not the ones that pay for someone in Africa to hunt down a prize elephant. I personally could never do it, I cry when I step on a snail. But you know what, sometimes feral’s do take over the natural habitat. Although and again, that’s OUR fault. I get it.

What I AM against is the type of gun. We ALL know the gun culture in America, how some treasure them more than human life, and THAT’S the problem. The type of gun and the people who are obsess with possessing them ARE the problem. A gun is a killing tool. You can call them self defense as much as you want, but if you’re not a solider wanting to protect people and countries. And you have no problem with taking the life of another human, you have issues. It’s not that hard to figure that out. A guns only purpose is to kill or seriously maim, but ultimately kill.

If you “need” a gun for self defense, ask yourself who you’ve been pissing off lately. A few years ago we had our house broken into. We had a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua at the time, their barking woke us up and the people run off.

A Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. Get a dog, lol…Hell why not a cat or a geese? We have a winery in South Australia who are “famous” for their guard geese.

I was “told” recently, not by Aaron, that if I had someone whose suicidal than I better outlaw razors and pain killers. Now one, I have not said to outlaw them. That’s just stupid. But if someone in my house was suicidal, I would be getting rid of the razors and pills. They wouldn’t? Like I would have no problem with getting hairy and unless the pills I needed are supposed to save me. There are other ways to ease pain. Too save someone, anyone in my household or my life. You’re damn right, I am getting rid of them. They wouldn’t? Again, that’s what bothers me.

The other issue I have if the whole blaming it on mental health. I have mental health issues, most of the people in my family and friends have mental health issues. Robin Williams had mental health issues. We’re not all going out and killing people.

It’s complete laziness to blame this on mental health, and then do NOTHING about it. In fact, how does having easy access to killing tools, help mental illnesses? Also, that’s not really how a lot of mental health illnesses even work. All the people above, take out everything on themselves, not on others.

People who kill, who may “snap” one day. Are a completely different mental health issue. They probably suffer from something:



Extreme narcissism

Extreme over privilege.

It probably true that some people cannot handle being bullied. Again, I was bullied, a lot of us are. Again, we’re not all killing people.

It’s why we have to take bullying and mental health issues more seriously. Not start gutting them like Trump did, like the Tories are trying to do. We have to take online safety seriously (screw you Kemi Badenoch by the way).

I will repeat, I have been bullied, had my house broken into and have mental health issues. I am not going out and killing people.