The Funniest of Us

For those who have just joined, I usually do my “Lolsy’s Libraries Lessons of Life” in a picture quote, but something just tickled my funny bone and it wasn’t going to fit in a picture quote.

One of the things (I think I may have written about it before) I find really funny about people are the people who constantly have to talk about what they hate. You know, when a article is put anywhere, Facebook, general news sites…That sort of thing and people have this almost, need, to comment either about the journalism sucks or is this really news?

Why they make me laugh so much, it’s because do they not get, that they are creating “traffic” for that site. Every time they look at a page, every time they comment, every time they like a comment, whether that be their own or someone else’s. These page DO NOT CARE if you don’t like the new article or not, they do not care if you like the journalism or not, chances are they aren’t even reading your comments. If you giving these journalist traffic on their articles, they will be kept on and they will keep reporting.

A couple of things I can suggest if you honestly want to see less of these articles popping up in your feed. Unfollow everything, don’t go on the pages that you don’t want too (which seems like common sense…but you know people and common sense these days). On Facebook and the news article on there you can select to not see particular articles. I don’t see anything about certain reality tv families anymore etc.

You can literally take this sort of stuff out of your life, if you REALLY want too. If you don’t, maybe you should ask yourself why,lol