Trump Thoughts

I don’t think Trump has any thoughts to be honest, haha.

Trump didn’t earn his money, it was inherited. I don’t think he does think, at all. I think he just kind of bumbles around and does things. He could have written the “Art of the Deal book” in one sentence. Sign everything, declare bankruptcy on everything.

Which is entirely irritating. And it would be funny, if he and his “supporters” weren’t so intent on destroying the world.

Let’s see what else is interesting in the world today:

Giant shark-shaped blob spotted on researchers’ underwater scanners

As an Australian, this is just odd…Do they really do this in America? Can you sue over Homecoming?

Teenager accused of rigging Homecoming Queen votes plans to sue school

My mum and I were laughing, because were trying to talk about some good US politicians. Whose names we just cannot pronounce. We had had won, but there are some good ones. Who are going out into the communities. We saw as one of them talked to some MAGA folk and he changed their minds.



Not really, haha. I just couldn’t decide what to call this blog post.

There are so many controversial topics out there right now. I would like to know which one gets you listening the most? I don’t want to bring up any ill-feelings. Over my birthday weekend, we did talk about the happenings in the world. It was awakening to realise that I am not the only one fighting with others, for different causes.

Some are more interested in Heard vs Depp, Putin, Johnson, Elon Musk. In Australia we are coming up to a National, Federal election.

I guess this is a post to find out what you are interested in, what would you like to read more about? Positive news, one of these controversial topics? More about writing, streaming?

*By the way: I had written this before Roe vs Wade. But all is obviously included*.

The weirdness

My mum and I were just talking about how we hosted a Halloween Party two years ago. We definitely didn’t last year (haha) so it was the year before.

We were making fun of ourselves, because we had a wall of pictures of people who were real scary people and not as scary, so like Casper the Friendly. We run a test to see if they knew who was who. We thought that they were really easy to get. Everyone got the cartoon/animated type characters. But apart from Ted Bundy, they didn’t get the rest.

My mum and I had a “serious” talk with ourselves. Are we too addicted to crime, serial killers?

… Nah, it’s everyone else.

Do you have any weird interests or hobbies?


I have done something that is really frightening to me, but at the same time, is rather exciting and I don’t even know what if it’s going to happen…Or what I even have to offer!

At my work place it has slowed right down, right down that, at the moment, we are not even getting one day a week. So I am trying to find something else at the moment. One of things that I have fallen back too is volunteering in the area of work that I REALLY want to work in…Library work.

I What I Want What I Really Really Want GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When I have gotten myself into though, I  AM so nervous and haven’t done nothing like this before. They don’t have any room for library Volunteers, but they were thinking of making a gardening, technology and writing club…I said that I’d be interested in the Writing Club and now I don’t know why!

What do I know about writing?

I mean, I write this Blog…But I am not an expert by any means! I don’t even know if it’s really going to happen…At the same time though, I REALLY want to do it as well!. It excites me as well, but what do I know about any of this?

Where do I go? Is there a site I could too? Is this a sign that I should be writing more?! Start actually “publishing” and really working on the stories that I write?

This or That? #61


This or That? #61

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

How often do you read the description of a book before you read it?

I’m feeling generous today so you have five options:

Always – Almost Always – Sometimes – Almost Never – Never

I would have to go with almost always. It does depend for me though, if it’s a series I’ve been interested or an author that I love, I will hardly every read the descriptions of a book before I’ve read it. In fact, I probably read it afterwards to see if it matches the descriptions. If you can’t describe something simply, you don’t understand it.

The only time I will really read a description is if I’ve never read a book by the author, or have never read the series before. The reason I said almost always is because I always ask for books that I know I want for presents, for Birthday, Christmas etc. So I usually am reading a description because I’m in a bookstore seeing what the book, which I know nothing about, what it may be about…Or even if the book is on sale, does it look interesting?