11. Someone who inspires me

 I have decided to steer away from family and friends for this challenge this week and think of someone else who inspires me and makes me happy and safe, who isn’t apart of my “inner circle”. I feel like sometimes we don’t even think of the “random” people that are apart of our daily lives, that touch our lives every dayish.

So I wanted to give a major shout out to my hypnotherapist. I really love going to visit him and having our sessions and I always feel more accomplished and really do feel better after I’ve seen him. All the tasks he gives me to do, always make me feel better too.

What I really like…I guess love…About our sessions, I really feel listened too and that helps me feel better so much. Also though we actually have a lot in common, we both meditate, we both do Reiki. Unlike me though, he really does incorporate it into his every day life. Rather than when he needs it to help me. That’s what I want to achieve, I want to incorporate my beliefs into my every day life, not just when I “need” it…If that makes sense.

I know that this is his job and that’s what his…I’m…paying for him to do. I genuinely feel though he is doing this work because he wants to make myself and others feel better and get through their issues. Too help make our lives a little better and and easier to get through the day just that bit better. Just that though, he is there to help me and helps to make me feel better…It honestly feels like someone is finally on my side.