Share Your World…My first for 2020

Share Your World 1/6/2020

Share Your World


Is ‘hello” enough for you these days?  (credit to Rory – )

I admit I was a bit perplexed by this question. After reading Rory’s blog post though, I get it now. A hello is still good enough for me. I still say hello to my neighbours and also if I’m walking my dog, as I go past people, I say hello. Just a quick little word to acknowledge another human being.

Do you believe in Murphy?   For those who aren’t familiar with Murphy, here’s a wee explanation:  Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

I do,lol. It’s one of my faults really, it’s one of those things where it makes me not believe on myself. It’s a habit, I’m going to try and break this year. Though, at the same time, when I imagine the worst, it doesn’t always happen. I’d say the worst probably happens 5% of the time.

Does evil come from within?  If so, why?

I think we all have the potential to be evil or do evil. I do think some people are just born evil. When you hear about child killers, children that kill, who knew what they were doing. Yet, they’re parents are so lovely and you’re sitting there thinking “How does it happen”. Sometimes our brains are just wired like that, but I think a strong upbringing can help “control” it. Sometimes, and unfortunately, we are evil, because it’s how our brains are. Take someone like Aileen Wuornos for example, when she was caught and found guilty she asked for the death penalty. She knew how her brained was now wired. So I don’t think she was born evil.

Are intelligent people more or less happy than others?   What defines intelligence?

This is an interesting question, I don’t think happiness has anything to do with intelligence. Happiness and Intelligence are different things to different people. The most intelligent people I know/knew were never happy, and they’d end up with abusive and toxic relationships, including friendships. So they can’t possibly be happy. Yet, there’s little old me with my dyslexia and generally I get how lucky I am and so I am content with a lot in my life.

You can be intelligent about a lot of different things, and luckily I have realised that in the last couple of years. I have to thank Trump and his supporters for that. I never felt like I could say anything about politics or anything intellectual. Until I started to realise, that I have a common sense intelligence. Emotions intelligence. Something a lot, if not all, Trump supporters lack. Despite saying they are a “Christ/God” or “Jesus” lovers.


Gratitude Section

Please feel free to share a quote, photo or thought about gratitude.

Grateful for the people in my life, right now. Not “Facebook friends” either, but true people.


I am a Resistor!


Let’s down right honest here…

Too be completely honest, I’d rather look this like then be a Trump Supporter any day of the week. If the worst you’ve got on someone is their “looks” Then you’ve got nothing…I’d rather look like this than be a racist, angry, hateful supporter of child molesters trump supporter any day of the week! Why do the they think THIS is an argument? When did someones looks become okay to attack? I don’t even find that great of an argument when people use Trumps hands as a defence, because, well it’s not.

I’m also shocked by how quickly they manage to get on Twitter when someone they don’t like writes anything on Twitter. Then it occurred too me that the majority of people who are on benefits and voted for Trump, are white people on benefits. Which means that people who don’t work and can’t afford to go anywhere, have Fox. We even get Hannity and Ingraham, in Australia, and they are played during the day. When other people are working. So retired, unemployed people have that all day. Even here, in Australia, the Trump supporters are people who do not work or are retired. Guess what is on all day?


If someone can’t get out and see the world, this problem ALWAYS happens.

I, personally, have always found that if someone hasn’t left their own state BUT without an actual reason (for example, they suffer from anxieties) They tend to think the whole world is them. Every thought they have, everyone else in the world must as well. Now this obviously is not everyone. Just the majority it seems.

I am Beautiful…Part 2

I decided to continue on with my post from yesterday I am Beautiful. I am achieving this by writing a list of things that make me beautiful, that have nothing to do with my looks. Please feel free to share and please feel free to use this for your own post! As Mama Ru says

Ru Paul

I am beautiful because:

I know how it feels to feel alone and not worth it and I will do all I can to make sure others don’t feel like that. Even as an adult I will hug my plush toys/dolls to not burden others with my problems. Even on my worst days, I don’t take my problems out on others, and if I feel like I can’t handle others problems, I’ll walk away until I can. I know how to listen, even when or ESPECIALLY when it’s something I don’t want to hear or know about. I randomly post happy/cute videos on my Facebook when I can see lots of people are having a bad day, to try and cheer them up. As I’ve gotten older, I have learnt it’s okay to love myself. I love to learn about new cultures and I try to incorporate them into my own life. I know that as long as you are not hurting others, or yourself, there should be no stopping you from doing whatever you want. I know that there us a beauty is saying “Goodbye”.