Nurture Thursday – Inner War

Nurt Thurs – Inner War

Who isn’t there right now? Every day, sometimes every minute. I am currently going back and forth thinking to myself “Do I have any right to speak about this” and then the next second it “Of course I do”. It’s a constant “I’m tired, I’m awake, I’m here, I’m there”.

I’m here, I’m there, I’m in my underwear…lol


Hardest Lessons Pt2

You could probably tell from my last few blogs that I have had a pretty rough week last week. It was the weirdest feeling that I’ve ever had in my whole life…The weirdest things have come out of it.

The hardest lesson we will ever learn is to just love ourselves. We just seem to give love and want love so easily, but when it comes to ourselves, we are just horrible to our own-selves. The majority of us are very good people, so why do we punish ourselves so much? Its one of those great mysteries of life.

Even the work that I have done on myself this week is something I haven’t done in years…Literally years! It’s been great.


Welcome and Wanted

One of the hardest things about being in a relationship (especially a new one) is trying to ‘decipher’ and decode your partners quirks and habits. It’s probably one of the biggest messages that I can say when you are single. You NEED to find out what makes you happy, what behaviour are you willing to put up with and you NEED to stick with it.

One of the hardest lessons that I’ve learnt throughout every single relationship, and in all honesty I mean friendships and family. The hardest thing in any relationship is to feel wanted. I can honestly say that every partner that I’ve had, they never wanted to be around me. They always seemed to prefer the company of their friends, even if they were bad-mouthing those friends (which should also be a clue). Even with my “friends” I have had friends who have dumped me for other people…Hence why “friends” are in quotation marks. I no longer consider them friends.

When you are single, you think there’s this whole world that you are missing out on. I was always good at being single personally. You have to figure you out, I cannot stress this one enough. My current relationship is tough for me because I have so many insecurities, I’ve had to deal with a lot on my own in the past. I am not used for asking for help, I am more used to being upset and crying it out on my own.

Before you get into a relationship do things on your own. Reconnect with yourself. The major reason I am doing alright now is because I know that I’m fine, my current partner is not my other ex-partners, he is a whole other human being and has never given me a reason to doubt him.