Make a Wish…


For the past couple of weeks I have been making wishes every 11:11, morning or night. While most people would probably suspect that I would be making a wish of getting my ex back. That’s not entirely true…My wish has been to wish for the strength to do the right thing and if that means I have to take a step that day to move forward, then I wish for that strength.

Is there anything that you would wish for that would surprise people?

Super Girlfriend Mode…


So this weekend is a big test for me! It’s the first “supportive” thing I will be doing as my new ‘beau’s’ partner. I am nervous for a few various reasons:

  • Posisbly will meet some members of his Family
  • Will be meeting his friends for the first time.
  • Will be in the same room as the friends who I do not like (and they don’t like me) and who I have not seen for a couple of months.

It’s a long story (as they always are) there are so many reason to feel uncomfortable and my mind is screaming “Don’t Go!!! Don’t do it!!!”. ┬áNo! Super Girlfriend Mode is on and I will be dragging (and a couple of other friends) myself out. I think it’s one of the main things I will miss about being single, if I don’t want to go somewhere…I don’t have too. I could avoid meeting people for the first time for the rest of my life! I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I wouldn’t want to go somewhere, I just wouldn’t go.

Hang onto your single life people!!!


Will be meeting his parents (at least)
Will be surrounded by his friends who apparently dislike me (but no one, including them, will tell me why)
All the people who were suppose to be coming with me, have now pulled out.)

If I can get through tonight’s social situations, I can get through anything!


Having feelings are a fact of life…If you don’t have any though, you should probably look into that.

The reason I bring up feelings is because mine have been all over the place this week and I am not even pmsing,lol. From feeling really happy, someone made me flip onto the complete negative side within the space of an hour. So I signed off of the computer and went to listen to one song in particular (“I see Fire”) and I felt stronger again and better off.

It made me think about how much I’ve changed in the last month…Have I really changed though or am I seriously sick of the way I’ve been treated? Do I think I have become stronger, or have I, in fact, become stronger?. Sometimes my feelings can be so up and down during a day I honestly think that I must be bi-polar or something.

Feelings are pretty much something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, good or bad. Some days I have had nothing but good, it just seems to be more bad than good. There are so many different ways to could with these feelings too! Like listening, watching a comedy

What are some of your ways that you cope with dealing with feelings? Good or bad.