Australia Sorry Day

I just wanted to start this post with saying “Sorry Day” is not about how white people feel about the name of the day, and Sorry Day isn’t saying that white people NOW have done anything to harm the Indigenous people of Australia. The irony of seeing the amount of white people saying “I don’t like the name Sorry Day we should change it to this or this”.

How Did Sorry Day Come About? National Sorry Day came about as a product of the “Bringing Them Home” report in 1997 as a means to honour Australia’s First Peoples and to remember the Stolen Generation.

The report also recommended that the Prime Minister (John Howard) make a public apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generations. Howard decided against it. It wasn’t until 13 February 2008 that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a full apology.

What is Australia’s Sorry Day (26 May)? It is a time to remember the past policies of forced child removal, and reflect on the sad and painful stories of the Stolen Generations. It is a time to recognise the resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the power of saying Sorry.

What is not Australia’s Sorry Day? A chance for white people to complain about how they don’t like the name of the Day.

Interesting Fact about Former PM Kevin Rudd. He is the Former PM currently taking on the Murdoch Media in Australia and it’s influence. Kevin Rudd just had the biggest online petition signed by the Australian People to get a commission to look into Murdoch Media. Kevin Rudd petition seeking royal commission into Murdoch media nears 500,000 signatures – The Guardian: Amanda Mead – 3rd Nov 2020.


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