Trumpter Logic … Bad vs Bad

One thing that I’ve been noticing  a lot more lately with Trump supporters, is their incessant belief that we somehow all liked Trump before he became POTUS. “No one thought Trump was racist before he was POTUS” There were a lot of people who didn’t. I didn’t like him, I found “The Apprentice” entertaining, but it still didn’t make him like him more. He was also completely racist before he was POTUS. I feel like sometimes these people are just from a different planet,


Trumpter Logic 23…Australia version

No kidding, a couple of days after the Australian elections there was an article written. The title was “I’m not a biggot just because I voted Liberal”. Which might be possibly true…

You know what a good clue is though, that perhaps you are? All the Trump supporters agreeing with you that rudeness is okay to vote for the other side and lump them all together. I am not kidding, there were so many Trump supporters saying this, because the Democrats are ‘rude’ to Trump.

I don’t know about you, but when an Trump supporter agrees with me (which hasn’t actually happened yet). The first thing that goes through my mind is “Okay, what have I said/written wrong here?” They will literally grab onto anything. For example I saw a “Liberal” saying that Trump didn’t mean to call the Duchess of Sussex “nasty”, if you listen you can hear his tone. So all these Trump supporters jumped on saying “Yeah, Liberals are always lying”…Except that’s not what she said. She was saying he still said it (because he did) he just didn’t mean it the way we think he did (because who can blame us that).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison already has a nickname “Liar from the Shire” Which I believe insults Hobbits, but here we are.

Kids – Seen AND Heard!

There’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of Trump and alt-right type supporters:

Gun Control (especially when it comes to the teenagers being killed and shot): Soulless, they should stay in school instead of using their breaks to honour the children and teachers who died

Climate Change: The kids should stay in school, instead of protesting people not protecting the future climate. So that their children and their grandchildren can live in safety. Are “Selfish”.

Convington Catholic teenage boys travel INTERSTATE to protest against women having control over their own bodies, heckle young women all day…That’s cool. No outrage about that?!

What is it with the alt-right types and them being SO against children wanting to protect themselves? They call themselves #prolife, but are SO dead set against children wanting to protect themselves?

Trumpter Logic 17

I have to say this one made me laugh, a lot.

AOC (hope you all know who she is) wrote about Trump being no different than the guys who used to come to her bar when she was waitress. This extremely proud Trump supporter said that AOC was lying because Trump has never had drink and doesn’t do drugs.

Now I don’t if all that’s true, but…Trumps doing this all SOBER?

He said he’d date his daughter, grab women by the…, treat women like $hit…He was SOBER? This is good because?

But also just because, if it’s true, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t and hasn’t gone into bars, with his supposed “friends”. I’ve never done drugs, other than pain killers. When I was on my anxiety medication, I couldn’t drink, but that didn’t stop me from going out either.

Also was anyone has shocked as I was by the facts saying the violence by the extreme right, was on the raise?

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Trumpter Logic 16

If you hate Trump, he’s the President! You must hate America!

Trump lies about 10 foot wall around Obama’s home

Donald Trump lied about Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton supporting Wall

Trump FINALLY acknowledges that Obama was born in the US

Michelle Obama says Trump’s Birther comments endangered her family

Don Lemon Fact-Checks Donald Trump lies about Obama Campaign

So Trump hates America then?

Trumptar Logic 8

I just want to start out by saying, after reporting her tweets for harassment (I don’t think that’ll go anywhere…I have now blocked…She is HORRENDOUS)

What I noticed though is that all her Tweets are talking about how Dr Ford pretty much deserved to be rape because she was drinking and she slept around a lot and didn’t report it at the time. The even MORE illogical thing though. The amount of women who say that they got attacked and did tell someone, but not the police. The ones who do have pictures of people are all at parties, half of them have drink in their hands.

How can they NOT see, what they are doing to themselves?

*My Positive Spin*

At least I’ve blocked her now,lol.

It’s like my post from earlier today. Most of her comments are all about “let’s antagonise the *Libtards*, because it’s so easy to do so”. How about instead of starting a conversation with lets upset the Libtards. How about you start listening to what they are saying?!