I got the Cov

I finally got it, well my partner got it and then I SWEAR that he gave it too me. This is not day zero though, this is day 5.

I’ve been doing a lot better than my partner. I only seem to have had a slight stuffy nose that lasted for about two-three nose, and the first couple of days. I was also a tad bit achy. My partner thought he may have had COVID because he was coughing, a lot. Which he doesn’t normally get when he gets a cold/flu.

That was literally the only reason he tested himself. I’m lucky I don’t work on Fridays anymore! I thought I had a runny nose because of the cold weather. I would have completely gone to work.

Mask up and vaccinate people, if you can! I am definitely getting the 4th booster when I can. I may have to get the flu one first, but I am getting that fourth one.


The “Art” of Lying

I was inspired to post about this topic over the weekend, after going out one night and trying to find a way to get out of a birthday party the next night. I was invited to a party that I just naturally assumed my partner would attend, which he decided he didn’t want too (he’s an adult, he doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want too). I felt like I had to attend because not only had I promised at least I would show up. I also had to drop off at the party this expensive drink that someone else has brought and left my house -.- The main reason I don’t want to go is because the birthday guy is a little … strange, especially when he drinks.

Now I am not encouraging lying by any stretch of the imagination, because if you are like myself. If I lie, well, I am just a bad liar. Mainly because I start panicking that I’ll get caught and it goes downhill from there. I am also not asking how about my readers “Art of Lying”…Unless of course you do want to share!

It was interesting to me though how people will lie and how they avoid getting caught (there may have been some alcohol involve) because now we all know how they lie. So here are some of the “Art Tips” I discovered.

  • Food poisoning is the best to go with, because if you say you have the “flu” or a sore throat. As a general rule you will then have to have a “sniffle” for the next few days.
  • Don’t go out during the day or that night, especially when you live in a small town.
  • Avoid ringing anyone, text if you must.
  • Don’t post on social media. Don’t even take a photo to show “how sick” you are.
  • Try to remember a time when you were sick with the actual illness and try to remember how you felt and what you went through.

*Disclaimer* I am not encouraging people to lie =P