Idiots >.< lol

Oh my god, people…When did people lose their sense of humours?

So, here’s what happened.

The UK media and both sides of the Government were doing their normal bigotry shit.

I made a joke that was about how the UK, with their current Government and Media bigotry and lack of spine, would never have won the WW2 without the US. I thought it was hilarious and my “followers” on Twitter got it, so I posted it on my Facebook.

Well! lol

People I never hear from, decided to “tell me” to not re-write History, and there was more too it…

Like, I know, lol…All these monarchists … Jebus Christ! … When I wrote about “Prince” Andrew and the amount of grown women putting all the responsibility on a 17 year old girl’ shoulder…NOT A PEEP.

This is why I don’t let people know on my Facebook what my new Twitter account is. I get that people have lost their humor, but it’s like people just scan things to see what they can be offended about sometimes.

The next time I came on FB and I saw all these “don’t let people let you rewrite History and blah blah”….I just burst out laughing. That’s what my next post was, just a few laughing emoji’s and a laughing gif. It might be the Irish Catholic in my descendants, but I just have no time for that kind of idiocy anymore.



So I popped on for a moment and really wished that I hadn’t. For anyone who voted for the most racist parties and people Australia has to offer…Uhh…Why? Queensland has a lot of explaining to do! The majority of parties running in QLD are known for their racism.

They leave the rest of the Australia scratching their heads. None of these parties have actually done anything beneficial to Australia. Most…No, all…of their “Leaders” are a joke right around Australia. Their “policies” are embarrassing, and none of have them have even gone through.

For those who are going “Are they really that racist?” Yes…yes they are, Pauline Hanson’s “One Nation” party, the only policy I have even heard of was that they wanted Parliament to say that it’s “alright to be white”. The idiots nearly went through with it, but for the public backlash…I mean…duhh…What did it even mean? Of course it’s alright to be white. It’s just not okay to be white and racist. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO COMPREHEND? Pauline Hanson is also showed up in a Burqa to Parliament -.-

Fraser Anning in the one who blamed the Muslim people for an Australian murdering them the morning after Christchurch.

They are also the party that went over to America, spoke with the NRA. Trying to find ways to undermine the Australian Gun Laws.

You know what makes the angriest? The media…Who keeps giving them air time. The morning straight after Christchurch it seemed that Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning were the only two people in the whole of Australia who could speak. Who let Pauline Hanson cry on freaking tv saying how unfair it is to blame her for the people she hired…Guess what Pauline YOU hired them, and you’re supposed to be the Leader. Guess what Pauline…EVERY SINGLE LEADER HAS TO TAKE IT…THAT’S WHAT A LEADER IS, YOU FREAKING MORON! You don’t get to try and sell out Australia and try to play the “victim”. You’re a fraking disgrace!

This is for you Pauline…you little fraking snowflake

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I would love to know ONE single policy they have brought, has it even gone forward? Nope. So why in hell are they still there?

They’re not even smart racists.

 Clive Palmer literally stiffed Australian workers and wants to sell of Australia to Adani

Peter Dutton, for those overseas, is our immigration Leader, tried to take over the Liberal leadership and threatened to put down Johnny Depp and Amber Heards dogs…Oh yes…that guy…The embarrassment of Australia.

I literally do NOT understand it … at all!

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