Funny Faces

Maybe I should start a new category called “Friday Funny Faces” =D lol

As much as I admire figure skaters…Heck, even just walking on the ice without needing to hold onto the rail I am admire them for…Fire and Ice (Dean and Torvil) is one of my favourite movies of all time. I even managed to find it on DVD!

However, these pictures did make me feel a little better =D

30 hilarious faces Olympic figure skaters have made mid-performance

Childhood memories

I really struggled today with what I was going to write for today’s session of “Magical Monday” Mainly because I got food poisoning and then my partner got the flu. So I’ve been really trying to think of different posts to write about, its’s been a struggle I can tell you.

However, while I’ve been sick I received two DVD’s of “movies” that I used to watch obsessively as a child and have been watching them while I’ve been sick. One was the “ice-skating spectacular” with ice skating superstars Dean and Torvill  called “Fire and Ice”. I also purchased the Royal Ballet production of “Beatrix Potter”.

I used ot watch these two obsessively whenever I was at my Grandparents, as well as “The Red Shoes” (but I still have to purchase them).

So readers did you have any favourite movies or shows that you used to be obsessed with as a child? Maybe share something that you think no one has ever heard of before.


Tales Of Beatrix Potter-The Royal Ballet Film

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